Lost and Found

Proctor Boys Find $33,673 Check,

OMYA Gives Each a $5 Reward

February 17, 1995.

By Kevin O'Connor.

Proctor - Thirteen-year-olds Tom Holland and

Matt Stattel found a check for $33,673.

They're each $5 richer as a result.

The two boys were walking home from Proctor

Junior High School last month when they spotted a

check in the parking lot outside OMYA, Inc., which

crushes and sells marble and limestone.

This wasn't a canceled check, but a valid one

made out to the company and somehow last.

"I looked at the amount of money and I almost

passed out," Holland says.

The boys brought it inside to the front desk.

"We said, 'We don't know if this is any use to

you, but we'd thought we'd give it to you anyway,'"

Holland recalls.

The company said thanks, took their names and

gave each a company cap, stationary pad and a $5 bill.

Five dollars?

"A lot of people have said that to us," Stattel

OMYA officials could not be reached for comment

Thursday, although the company confirmed the students

returned the check.

Proctor Junior High School honored the two

students with certificiates of recognition during a

recent assembly.

"We certainly felt it was a commendable thing,"

school guidance director Joseph Flory says.

The certificates will come in handy, as the two

boys have spent their financial rewards.

Says Holland: "I bought candy and a couple


And Stattel: "I bought soda and candy too."

End of story? Not necessarily. OMYA told the

boys it's missing another check for $20,000.

Says Holland: "We plan to find it.