Expansion for Quarry Approved

Brandon - The Brandon board of zoning adjustment

has granted a conditional use permit to OMYA, Inc. to

allow expansion of its marble quarry near the Smoke

Rise Campground on Route 7.

The permit will allow OMYA to begin extracting

marble from the Rivers family land and dispose waste

rock on land owned by the Rivers and Cousineau

families. OMYA officials have said this extension of

the operation will add five to six years to the life

of the quarry.

In all, about 30 acres will be involved in the


A possible conflict with federal laws designed to

protect wetlands was resolved in the company's plan,

which the zoning board's permit said "allows a 50-foot

setback from all wetlands or streams."

The board attached the following conditions to

its approval this week: "The quarry road will be

black topped and crowned to the gate" to keep dust

from being tracked onto Route 7.

There will be an 8-foot chain link fence topped

with barbed wire around the quarry.

Truck loads "must be covered off site or loaded

so as not to spill while en route."

OMYA must maintain the natural course of water

run off onto neighboring properties.

OMYA must present a reclamation plan to the

zoning board six months before it begins any

reclamation on the Rivers or Cousineau property.

After the quarry on the Rivers property has been

in operation for five years, OMYA must present a final

plan for site reclamation.

Board chairman Linda Carlson said of the company,

"They've been very, very cooperative."