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November 8, 2001

Change the name to 'Vermont's Industrial Support Board'

What's going on with the Environmental Board these days, when they invite industry into their sessions to educate them and it's the very industry that is trying to spot towers through out the landscape of Vermont? These people seem to have lost touch with the needs and desires of the people of Vermont. Perhaps they need to be reminded of a few events in our state's past surrounding the environment. Don't they recall when industry and commerce wanted a superhighway following the spine of the Green Mountains to traverse the state. It was common citizens who stood up and fought that down. What about when industry wanted larger and larger road signs all through the state? Don't they know it was common citizens again, different ones this time but still the common man?

These days I once again see common citizens raising up to question the spotting of cellular towers through out the Vermont landscape. These are families, shop owners, farmers, trades people. These people are meeting on the sides of mountains in farms to try to come together to find out what they can do, to educate themselves on issues that they never dreamed would have to be part of their lives. Look at that working man in Pownal who finds out that for a few dollars his town is going to allow a dish right next to his house on a flagpole. You think he's an environmental group? Pownal's well known for anti-industry environmental groups, isn't it?

The Vermont Environmental Board needs to wake up and realize that the common woman and man in Vermont can read, write a bit, sometimes to newspapers, and can add numbers, at least enough to put together a living on the sides of these mountains. We've read things about cell phones possibly causing some sort of tumors in the brain. We've heard enough about wave lengths and electromagnetic energy to know we don't want any buzzing around our houses. We've even come to find out that this industry that wants to spot towers up and down our valley floors is one of the most powerful in our nation's capital with one of the highest growth rates found in our weakening financial market. Don't you think we have something to be concerned about when our Environmental Board invites the very industry in to act as educators that lobbied our federal Congress with so much money that they were able to prevent even any questioning about their health impact?

So once again the common person stands up and points a finger at our state government. This time the label is "environmental group." Doesn't really matter to those of us who care about our landscape. But it's time to point at our governor and ask him to take a look at this board of his and if he needs to change the name then get it closer to the truth!