Public Records from Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation about Chloramine, Feb. 2012

Grand Isle Chloramine
Grand Isle
Accepted...Monochloramine...Solom & Eric Blatt
Configuration #1_GICWD.pdf
Configuration #2_GICWD.pdf
CT 20 & 90 Protocol.doc
DOH MOU signed_ .eml
Executed Engineering Services Agreement Amendment.pdf
FW_ bond vote.eml
FW_ Certificate for 1201-00657, Smp Dte 1_16_2012, Grand Isle.eml
FW_ Chloramination Testing.eml
FW_ CT Credit for Chloramine Disinfection.eml
FW_ DBP Systems.eml
FW_ Draft Loan Authorization (Grand Isle Consolidated Water System; WPL-194-1).eml
FW_ GICWD_Preliminary Engineering Basis of Design.eml
FW_ Grand Isle Consolidate Water District.eml
FW_ Grand Isle Consolidated Water District Pilot Study.eml
FW_ Grand Isle DBP results.eml
FW_ Grand Isle Pilot Study.eml
FW_ Grand Isle Pilot Testing Results.eml
FW_ Grand Isle Pilot Testing.eml
FW_ Grand Isle.eml
FW_ MOU with ANR.eml
FW_ Need for a Quick Discussion Re_ Rutland City DBP Study.eml
FW_ nitrosamines and chloramine.eml
FW_ North Hero Disinfection Timeline _ Improvements Plan to address DBPs..eml
FW_ Pilot Update.eml
FW_ Proposed water system improvements.eml
FW_ Quantifying Hydrazine in Chloraminated Water.eml
FW_ Questions - Rutland's Chloramination Procedures.eml
FW_ questions about water systems.eml
FW_ Recent DBP Research Presentations.eml
FW_ Records Request -- Chloramine.eml
FW_ Rutland City - DBP Monthly Update.eml
FW_ Rutland City WTF.eml
FW_ Rutland DBP Study.eml
FW_ update on conversion(s) to chloramine_.eml
FW_ Water Supplies and Chloramination.eml
FW_ Your Availability to Discuss Draft Rutland City AOD.eml
Grand Isle.eml
Loan Amendment Request Memo.pdf
Loan Application Review and Approval Form.pdf
Loan Approval Letter (Amendment #1).docx
Phone number.eml
Pilot Update.eml
Potential Monochloramine Candidate Systems.docx
PublicdocsCom VEC.pdf
RE_ Correction regarding notifying DOH of systems considering chloramination - FW_ DBP Systems.eml
RE_ DBP Pilot Results.eml
RE_ DOH MOU signed_ .eml
RE_ MOU.eml
RE_ Pilot Update-1.eml
RE_ Pilot Update-2.eml
RE_ Pilot Update-3.eml
RE_ Pilot Update-4.eml
RE_ Pilot Update.eml
RE_ questions about water systems.eml
RE_ update on conversion(s) to chloramine_.eml
RE_ weekly items_.eml
Revised Engineering Agreement.pdf
Rutland City - DBP Monthly Update.eml
Rutland VT_Trial Report_Rev0.pdf
Summary of Activities 1-26-2012.doc
Summary of Activities 8-5-2011.doc
Summary of Activities 10-25-2011.doc
Summary of Activities 12-28-2011.doc
Update on conversion(s) to chloramine.eml
Water Quality Analysis & Results-1.xls
Water Quality Analysis & Results-2.xls
Water Quality Analysis & Results-3.xls
Water Quality Analysis & Results.xls