1. Make 3 copies of   NOTICE AGAINST TRESPASS

  2. Send a signed copy of the Notice by Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested to each of the following addresses:
    Bruce Roloson
    NYSEG/SVNG Corporation
    PO Box 3607
    Binghamton, NY  13902-3607
    Peter LaFlamme
    Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
    103 S Main Street
    Waterbury, VT  05671-0408
  3. Sending each copy by Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested is legal notice and means you do not have to post your land.

  4. The post office can help you with the forms needed to send the notices by Certified Mail.

  5. If you are concerned about the expense, send one signed form to VCE and we will mail it for you.

  6. So we can keep track of who posted Notices, we ask that you send a copy by regular first class mail to:
    789 Baker Brook Road
    Danby, VT  05739
  7. Feel free to send a copy to any other parties that you feel should be notified.

  8. Please keep a signed and dated copy of this for your records, along with the receipts that are returned from the gas company and state agency.
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Updated: October 6, 1999