Photographs featuring various electric generating plants, natural-gas pipelines, and power transmission lines. These are included as illustrations of what a final VEPH/NYSEG/SVNG project might look like

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Three contributed views of the Sithe Energies U.S.A., Inc. Oswego, NY, Independence Station 1040 MW combined-cycle co-generation water-cooled natural gas fired power plant. Considered exceptionally clean and fuel-efficient, the plant is slated for an expansion to increase output to almost 1800 MW. The current plant is similar in size to that VEPH proposes to build in in Rutland. The building is 90 feet tall and the vent stacks are 200 feet tall.
An aerial view on the Independence Station plant. (Image from the IPPNY Inc. website.)
The CalEnergy Company - Saranac Energy 240 MW combined cycle co-generation, air-cooled natural gas power plant in Plattsburgh, NY. The plant also supplies steam to the Plattsburgh Georgia Pacific paper mill, and is touted as having helped bring a much needed gas pipeline to that remote area of New York, where gas service previously had not been available. The proposed VEPH Bennington 270 MW plant will have similar dimensions, particularly height. (Image from the IPPNY Inc. website.)
A view of the GPU International 80 MW natural gas fired plant adjacent to the Syracuse University campus in Syracuse NY. The plant supplies the university with steam heat and electricity for Niagara Mohawk. This plant has less than 1/3 the capacity of the proposed VEPH Bennington plant. (Image from the IPPNY Inc. website.)
A view of the Northland Power Partnership generating facility in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, Canada. This 110 MW combined-cycle power plant has less than 1/2 the capacity of the proposed VEPH Bennington plant. (Image from the Delta Hudson website.)
A example of the vapor plume that the cooling towers of large water-cooled power plants can produce under favorable weather conditions. This one occurred in April at a a 240 mw natural gas power plant (comparable in size to the proposed VEPH Bennington plant) located in Springfield, MA. Contributed photograph.
A wintertime cooling-tower vapor plume at the Springfield, MA, 240 MW power plant. Contributed photograph.
Another look at a Springfield wintertime plume. Contributed photograph.
A mid-summer cooling-tower vapor plume at Springfield. Contributed photograph.
A NYSEG pipeline under construction.
A view of 24" natural gas pipeline construction along the Portland Natural Gas Transmission Systems pipeline in Northern New Hampshire and Western Maine. The photograph is one of many on pipeline construction posted by PNGTS on their website.
Another view of PNGTS pipeline construction in Western Maine. This photograph is from a Western Maine Business Magazine article about the pipeline.

Note that while both this view and that above show this pipeline following utility rights-of-way, in both cases the pipeline has been located alongside the utility line, and that the preexisting cleared right-of-way has been widened by about 100'.
In Danby, a view northward from Colvin Hill across the Vermont Valley toward the Green Mountains. The NYSEG/SVNG proposed pipeline right of way would run directly through this back yard.
Two views of the high-tension electric transmission towers and lines that connect the Independence Station electric generating plant to the grid.
A view of the Omya 46 kV right-of-way (Danby, Tinmouth, Clarendon and Ira) as it appears at present. (Photo by Mellon Tytell)
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