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45. OMYA'S EXPANSION PROPOSAL RUNS INTO ANOTHER HURDLE. OMYA Inc.'s plans to expand its calcium carbonate plant in Florence hits another obstacle over water supply and the capacity of its septic system.So OMYA'a Act 250 application will remain incomplete so far. RHD, Oct 22 1997, 13:3

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71. BRANDON PREFERS A BYPASS. The agenda on the SElect Board meeting will include a resolution calling for the state to begin work on developing a bypass around Brandon, and for the OMYA marble company not to be assesses any impact of its traffic through Brandon. RHD, Nov 9 1998, 9:3

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86. OMYA SUES VT. ON LIMITS. COMPANY CONTINUES FIGHT FOR EXPANDED TRUCK TRAFFIC. OMYA Inc. has filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Vermont claiming its constitutional rights were violated when the state limited the company's ability to increase the number of trucks hauling marble ore from its Middlebury quarry. RHD, Jun 25 1999, 1:2

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91. Solution to truck traffic. Vermont can only solve conflict over large trucks through balanced and democratic approach. (At the Crossroads: Vermonters debate their transportation future). BFP, Aug 4 1999, 10A:1

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93. OMYA ASKS FOR REMOVAL OF LIMITS: OMYA appeals to Supreme Court to throw out Environmental Board's limit on number of daily truck trips company can make. RHD, Mar 16 2000, 11:2

94. OMYA OVERFLOW IS INSPECTED TODAY. State investigators plan to inspect a recent spill of calcium carbonate from the OMYA plant that flowed into nearby Smith Pond. RHD, Apr 26 2000, 13:1

95. Court Backs Limits on OMYA Trucks, Rutland Herald, July 27, 2000

96. Sweet rejection. Vermont Supreme Court rules against OMYA, recognized that Vermont needs healthy Main Streets as well as healthy industry. BFP, Jul 28 2000, 8A:1