State certifies Omya tailings plan, Rutland Herald, December 23, 2009

Omya unveils new tailing facility, Rutland Herald, October 9, 2009

Judge rejects Omya lawsuit, Rutland Herald, October 1, 2009

Omya Inc. cutting 10 jobs in Florence, Rutland Herald, May 15, 2009

Omya announces more area layoffs, Rutland Herald, May 14, 2009

Omya eyes new location for tailings facility, Rutland Herald, May 9, 2009

Judge hears testimony on Omya, Magistrate to rule on water remedies, Rutland Herald, March 28, 2009

Omya case goes to court, Company admits chemical use, Burlington Free Press, March 25, 2009

Omya, Inc. cuts 12 positions, Rutland Herald, March 7, 2009

More freight train traffic in Arlington, Bennington Banner, 12/31/2008

Cassa integrazione all'Omya per 28 operai su 69, La Nazione/Italy, 30 dicembre 2008

Omya's interim waste certification appealed, RutlandHerald, December 29, 2008

Environmental impact statement prefers rail spur for Omya, Rutland Herald, November 20, 2008

Omya to move 40 jobs, Rutland Herald, November 14, 2008

ANR gives Omya contentious interim waste permit, Rutland Herald, October 22, 2008

ANR warns worker about activism, Rutland Herald, October 22, 2008

State cracks down on compost operations, Vermont Public Radio, July 16, 2008

Omya waste poses threat, Rutland Herald, July 2, 2008

Keeping Watch, Rutland Herald Editorial, June 17, 2008

Whistleblower: State bent rules for Omya, Rutland Herald, June 15, 2008

Officials, public weigh in on Omya waste permit, Brandon Pittsford Reporter, May 21, 2008

ANR extends time Omya can handle its marble waste, Rutland Herald, April 18, 2008

$1 Million To Fix Orange Water, Randolph Herald, March 27, 2008

Google aided consultants with Omya study, Rutland Herald, March 3, 2008

Experts suggest vigilance for Omya site, Rutland Herald, February 27, 2008

Study: Omya impact minimal, Rutland Herald, February 20, 2008

Motion filed in Omya lawsuit Rutland Herald January 15, 2008

State OKs Omya waste treatment plant Rutland Herald December 4, 2007

Omya signs Ohio headquarters lease Rutland Herald November 28, 2007

Act 250 commission reviews Omya waste project Rutland Herald September 6, 2007

Results are in Rutland Herald August 25, 2007

Omya critics lose Vt. high court appeal Rutland Herald August 25, 2007

Chemical contaminant found in water flowing from quarry Vermont Public Radio 2007-08-07

Chemical found in quarry water Burlington Free Press August 8, 2007

Chemical found in Omya quarry water Rutland Herald August 8, 2007

OMYA Would Prefer To Ship By Rail Valley Voice Tuesday July 24, 2007

Omya says testing data reveals no health hazard Rutland Herald July 26, 2007

Omya move could mean loss for Rutland airport Rutland Herald July 23, 2007

Omya moving headquarters to Ohio Rutland Herald July 18, 2007

Omya proposes tailings facility Rutland Herald June 8, 2007

Omya mulls rail alternative as antidote to highway traffic Rutland Herald June 6, 2007

Quarry Quandary Larne Times, Northern Ireland May 29, 2007

Omya Gets Criticism At Community Meeting Randolph Herald May 17, 2007

Hearing is scheduled on proposed Middlebury Rail Spur Rutland Herald May 12, 2007

Omya Delays Dumping Experiment At Elizabeth Mine Randolph Herald May 3, 2007

Omya's marble tailings plan raises questions Rutland Herald May 1, 2007

Quarry Debris Plan Has Skeptics Valley News April 28, 2007

Waste from OMYA May Be Shipped To Strafford Superfund Site Randolph Herald April 26, 2007

OMYA neighbors make one last stand Vermont Guardian April 12, 2007

Tests find elevated arsenic levels at Omya site, Rutland Herald, March 5, 2007

Low level arsenic found in Pittsford wells near Omya plant, Vermont Public Radio, February 28, 2007

Omya hires environmental specialist, Rutland Herald, February 2, 2007

Omya tests shows no contamination, Rutland Herald, January 1, 2007

Sept. 16, 2006, Omya tests show presence of 'tall oil' chemical in water, Rutland Herald

August 10, 2006, Beware blasting next to high school, Rutland Herald Commentary

June 27, 2006, OMYA Grinding Plants Neighbors Hope Upcoming Study Will Resolve Concerns, Valley Voice

June 23, 2006, Two firms hired to study environmental effects of Omya, Rutland Herald

June 23, 2006, State OKs restart at Omya facility, Rutland Herald

June 14, 2006, Omya shuts down plant over emissions, Rutland Herald

May 9, 2006, Garage is Omya's cat's paw in Danby, Rutland Herald

April 4, 2006, Commission reviewing Omya acquisition plans, Rutland Herald

April 3, 2006, EU says Omya failed to supply information, Reuters

January 18, 2006, Rail could reduce U.S. 7 traffic, Rutland Herald

January 16, 2006, Concerns raised about proposed rail system, Addison Independent

Jan. 13, 2006, Whose land is it?, Rutland Herald

Omya's waste application under consideration Rutland Herald, December 26, 2005

Rutland Town seeks trade with Omya, Rutland Herald, December 19, 2005

Vt. agency will deny Omya's application, Rutland Herald, December 4, 2005

Omya AG settles patent lawsuit, Rutland Herald, November 24, 2005

Tailings issue tops agenda at Omya forum, Rutland Herald, November 3, 2005

Got clay? S'bury needs $25K worth, Bennington Banner, October 28, 2005

Omya purchase under scrutiny, Rutland Herald, Oct. 3, 2005

Omya at center of treated waste regulations debate, Rutland Herald, Oct. 3, 2005

Zoning plan criticized among confusion, Rutland Herald, September 16, 2005

Omya seeks OK on plan to handle marble waste, Rutland Herald, August 16, 2005

Neighbors sue over Omya's marble waste, Rutland Herald, June 25, 2005

State, Omya close to deal, Rutland Herald, June 2, 2005

Fields of battle, Rutland Herald, May 7, 2005

Foes unite to solve marble waste issue, Rutland Herald, May 3, 2005

Omya's marble waste needs disposal permit, Rutland Herald, April 30, 2005

Permit required for Omya waste, Vermont Public Radio, April 29, 2005

Omya plans test to detect plant odor, Rutland Herald, April 18, 2005

Omya Act 250 Infraction Excused, Vermont Public Radio, March 3, 2005

Activists rail against Omya plan, Rutland Herald, February 8, 2005

Omya buys international calcium carbonate manufacturer, Rutland Herald, February 5, 2005

Middlebury spur draws heavy criticism in Salisbury, Addison Independent, January 27, 2005

Omya Rail Spur Draws Fire, Rutland Herald, January 26, 2005

Marble in OMYA’s new quarry may be worth billions, Lanark Era , December 14, 2004

OMYA loses bid to quash charges, Ottawa Citizen, November 17, 2004

Vt. Law School to take action against Omya, Rutland Herald, November 12, 2004

Omya scraps disputed quarry plan in Danby, Rutland Herald, October 2, 2004

Omya drops Danby quarry plan, Vermont Public Radio, October 1, 2004

Omya rail spur in Middlebury moves forward, Rutland Herald, August 23, 2004

Omya is sued by competitor over patents, Rutland Herald , July 5, 2004

Minerals Tech Files Infringement Suit, Springfield News Sun, June 25, 2004

Solid waste fees a concern for mining industry, Rutland Herald, April 5, 2004

Minister says no to access over DOC land for quarry expansion, Stuff, New Zealand, March 12, 2004

Omya seeks exemption to solid waste fees, Vermont Public Radio , March 9, 2004

ANR orders hearing into Omya waste site, Rutland Herald, Feb. 16, 2004

Province cancels water-taking permits, Toronto Star, January 17, 2004

Omya asks agency to rethink ruling on waste, dam permits, Rutland Herald , Dec. 30, 2003

Canadian decision restricts Omya's water-taking, Rutland Herald, Dec. 20, 2003

For now, proposed Danby quarry stays on hold, Rutland Herald, December 15, 2003

OMYA told it needs permit for 'dump', Rutland Herald/Times Argus, November 23, 2003

Omya needs permit to dump in Pittsford, Vermont Public Radio , Nov. 21, 2003

Unexpected Company at Toxics Conference, Times Argus, Nov. 10, 2003

Vingrau quarry: Omya issues a mea-culpa, Midi Libre, 07 Novembre 2003

Wennberg nears decision on Omya waste permit, Vermont Public Radio, Oct. 21, 2003

£17,500 FINES FOR HORROR ACCIDENT, Aberdeen Evening Express, UK, September 30, 2003

State exempts OMYA from solid waste rules, Vermont Public Radio , September 26, 2003

OMYA waste storage facility moves forward, AP, September 26, 2003

OMYA permit decision expected on Thursday, Vermont Public Radio, Sept. 24, 2003

Ruling Could Effect Health of Vermonters, Rutland Herald Commentary, September 21, 2003

Landowner vows to confront miner, The New Zealand Herald, September 19, 2003

Accident Allegations Faced by Two Firms, Aberdeen Press and Journal, May 13, 2003

Rutland is key rail link for state's freight traffic, Rutland Herald, May 5, 2003

New Rutland railyard is key project, Rutland Herald, May 7, 2003

85-year-old takes on Ontario, The Ottawa Citizen , April 12, 2003

The 'little people' look for a fairshake, Burlington Free Press , March 20, 2003

Huber may buy Quincy OMYA site, Quincy Herald Whig, March 15, 2003

OMYA faces illegal dumping charges in Canada, Rutland Herald , March 10, 2003

OMYA faced environment charges in Vermont, The Ottawa Citizen, February 28, 2003

Environment charges laid at Swiss firm's quarry, The Ottawa Citizen, February 27, 2003

Environment Ministry charges OMYA for polluting,, February 27, 2003

OMYA ruling opens floodgates to exports, The Ottawa Citizen, February 27, 2003

After water giveaway, airheads hatch a new plan, The Toronto Star column, February 25, 2003

Keep 'political hacks' away from water: One of Canada's top water experts blasts OMYA decision, The Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 2003

OMYA has 'perfect right' to water, The Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 2003

Massive water-taking from river defended, Canadian Press, February 22, 2003

OMYA donated to conservation group, The Ottawa Citizen, February 21, 2003

Stockwell defends water diversion, London News, February 21, 2003

Perth will pay for OMYA deal, group says, The Ottawa Citizen, February 20, 2003

A new political low, Perth Courier editorial, February 19, 2003

Still waters go cheap, The Toronto Star editorial, February 19, 2003

Tay tribunal washed away, The Ottawa Citizen editorial, February 18, 2003

Provincial watchdog: Back off Tay River, The Ottawa Citizen, February 19, 2003

OMYA won't hurt the Tay: Stockwell, The Ottawa Citizen, February 19, 2003

Gray Palmer knows a thing or two about rivers, The Ottawa Citizen, February 19, 2003

Stockwell used good 'science': MPP, The Ottawa Citizen, February 18, 2003

McGuinty would cancel OMYA ruling, The Ottawa Citizen, February 18, 2003

Ontario ignores Walkerton advice, The Ottawa Citizen, February 18, 2003

Tay River ruling ignores Walkerton, CBC Canada, February 18, 2003

Stop the raid on our precious water supplies: McGuinty, Canada News Wire, February 17, 2003

Ontario water taking ruling flies in face of Walkerton report,, February 17, 2003

Minister opens floodgates with water ruling, CBC Canada, Feb 17 2003

Water use decision in Canada is victory for OMYA, Rutland Herald, February 17, 2003'

We've been sold down the river', The Ottawa Citizen, February 16, 2003

Who's in charge here?, The Ottawa Citizen, February 16, 2003

Chris Stockwell's Valentine's gift: A slap in the face for citizens, Canada News Wire, February 14, 2003

Vt. Railway, OMYA may pay $22 million for rail projects, Rutland Herald, Feb. 5, 2003

OMYA, opponents await Canadian decision, Rutland Herald, January 12, 2003

OMYA Chemical Spill in Rutland County, Vermont Public Radio , Jan. 10, 2003

Typo delays OMYA hearing, Rutland Herald, January 7, 2003

OMYA set for daily pumping from Tay, The Ottawa Citizen, January 2, 2003

OMYA opponents get chance to rebut, Rutland Herald, December 31, 2002

Environment vs. jobs remains vexing dilemma, Burlington Free Press, December 23, 2002

Neighbors fight OMYA waste storage plan, Rutland Herald, Dec. 19, 2002

OMYA Act 250 review up soon, Rutland Herald, Dec. 15, 2002

A learning experience, Perth Courier Editorial, December 13, 2002

McGuinty urges review of water needs, Liberal leader says Ontario should limit OMYA's water-taking from Tay, The Ottawa Citizen, December 7, 2002

Eastern Ontario residents charge Ministry of Environment with flip-flop, Canada NewsWire, December 5, 2002

$6 gauge at issue in water fight, Toronto Star, December 5, 2002

OMYA wants to take 500% more water, The Ottawa Citizen, December 4, 2002

Swiss Hubris, The Sunday Telegraph, November 17, 2002

All the Marble, TIME Magazine, November 4, 2002

Danby residents blame Omya for dry wells, Vermont Public Radio, October 31, 2002

OMYA reassures public on residue stockpiling, Rutland Herald, October 11, 2002

Swiss mine raises protests in Vermont, Swiss Radio International, October 10, 2002

Mine Pits Two Green Goals Against Each Other in Town, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, October 7, 2002

Wary of OMYA, Mining company faces rich vein of opposition in Danby and beyond, Rutland Herald/Times Argus Sunday Magazine Cover Story , October 5, 2002

Test wells in place at OMYA site, Manchester Journal, October 4, 2002

Minister shuns legal advice on OMYA, Ottawa Citizen, Sept. 27, 2002

Couple sell Danby house, drop suit, Rutland Herald, July 25, 2002

OMYA still missing the mark, Lanark Era, July 16, 2002

OMYA's quarry plans spark fears, Ottawa Citizen, July 11, 2002

French and Canadians Challenge OMYA, Manchester Journal, June 28, 2002

Citizen Group Drops Appeal Against Omya, Vermont Public Radio, June 18, 2002

A Mountain of Resistance, Ottawa Citizen, June 18, 2002

When a Dream Quietly Implodes, Ottawa Citizen, June 18, 2002

OMYA's business tactics are criticized at conference, Rutland Herald, June 7, 2002

"We are not at war with Ontario," OMYA boss insists, Ottawa Citizen , June 5, 2002

OMYA declares war on Ontario, Ottawa Citizen , June 4, 2002

OMYA foes plan summit, Rutland Herald, June 4, 2002

OMYA focus of ‘global’ summit, Manchester Journal, May 31, 2002

Omya foes' appeal bid is thwarted, Rutland Herald, May 17, 2002

Omya loses truck appeal, Rutland Herald, April 25, 2002 Read the decision

Omya, Critics Deadlock on Expansion Plans, Vermont Public Radio , April 22, 2002

Water Board Dismisses Group's Standing in Omya case, Vermont Public Radio, April 4, 2002

Citizens group can't appeal OMYA water permit, Associated Press, April 2, 2002

OMYA appeals Tay River decision, Ottawa Citizen, March 21, 2002

Court hears OMYA appeal, Rutland Herald, March 4, 2002

OMYA expansion suffers setback in Canada, Rutland Herald, February 25, 2002

Water ruling disappoints OMYA boss Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 2002

OMYA's Victory Watered Down Ottawa Citizen, February 22, 2002

VCE Loses Its Appeal, Rutland Herald, February 19, 2002

Environmental Group Dismissed in Omya Ruling, Vermont Public Radio, Feb. 18, 2002

VCE Defends Permit Appeal, Rutland Herald, February 18, 2002

VCE appeals Omya's Discharge permit, Vermont Public Radio, January 25, 2002

December 24, 2001: OMYA fights VCE appeal, Rutland Herald

Decmeber 14, 2001: Tinmouth Channel wetland receives increased state protection, Manchester Journal

December 12, 2001: Tinmouth Wetland gets top level of protection - Rutland Herald

December 6, 2001: CLF drops opposition to OMYA plan - Rutland Herald

State wants more details from OMYA's plan for Danby quarry - Manchester Journal, November 23, 2001

November 6, 2001: Environmental Group Appeals OMYA's Discharge Permit -Rutland Herald

Even old foes agree: Dialogue vital to region - Rutland Herald, October 26, 2001

OMYA proposal spurs six towns to form compact, Manchester Journal, September 28, 2001

Danby landowners deny OMYA access to study groundwater - Manchester Journal, September 14, 2001

September 3, 2001: OMYA now facing wetlands issue - Rutland Herald

August 24, 2001: OMYA's wetlands plans questioned - Manchester Journal

August 17, 2001: Quarry plans threaten fens -- Manchester Journal

July 23, 2001: OMYA's designs on Ontario water raise concerns - Rutland Herald

May 7, 2001: Meeting cut short by anger - Rutland Herald

April 29, 2001: Home buyers sue over OMYA proposals - Rutland Herald

April 23, 2001: Canadian couple take on OMYA in Ontario - Rutland Herald

April 4, 2001: Clarendon joins compact worried by OMYA plan - Rutland Herald

March 25, 2001: Towns fear OMYA impact - Rutland Herald

March 20, 2001: Court upholds limits on OMYA's highway usage - Rutland Herald

February 28, 2001: OMYA will pay $8,000 for spills - Rutland Herald

February 28, 2001, New railyard may be six years away - Rutland Herald

February 21, 2001, State allows OMYA to keep 'trade secret' - Rutland Herald

February 6, 2001, OMYA fires back over CLF's claim - Rutland Herald

February 5, 2001, Danby selectboard faces its constituents, town's future - Burlington Free Press

January 22, 2001, Opponent scrutinizes OMYA's quarry - Rutland Herald

January 18, 2001, Foundation tries to push OMYA toward rail - Rutland Herald

December 29, 2000, State investigates spill at OMYA Rutland Herald

December 11, 2000, Sheffield quarry wins Act 250 approval Rutland Herald

December 2, 2000, Four towns unite to deal with truck traffic Rutland Herald

November 30, 2000, Quandary of a quarry in Vermont Christian Science Monitor

November 30, 2000, On-the-job training Rutland Herald

November 27, 2000, Bennington Banner, OMYA mine plans already affecting land values

November 22, 2000, Spill contained, OMYA says Rutland Herald

November 20, 2000, OMYA faces opposition in Canada Rutland Herald

November 14, 2000, Rutland Herald, Wallingford joins CLF group to study traffic impacts

October 30, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA issue affects board appointment

October 29, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA faces pollution probe

October 22, 2000, Rutland Herald, Mass mail campaign targeting truck limits

October 19, 2000, Rutland Herald, Danby will review OMYA reports

October 16, 2000, Rutland Herald, Inside OMYA (Part 2), photo

October 9, 2000, Rutland Herald, After more than a century, a $2 billion company

October 9, 2000, Rutland Herald, INSIDE OMYA: A look at one of the region's oldest and most vital industries

September 28, 2000, Rutland Herald, Omya plan draws crowd

September 7, 2000, Rutland Herald, Group protests OMYA quarry plan

Sept. 4, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA plan stirs debate

August 14, 2000, Rutland Herald, Wallingford eyes ordinances power

August 12, 2000, New York Times, Anxieties over quarry dust split a small New Jersey town,

August 11, 2000, Rutland Herald Commentary, Danby must pay attention

August 7, 2000, Rutland Herald, Danby group fights quarry

July 28, 2000, Rutland Herald, Wallingford residents fight OMYA truck plan

July 28, 2000, Rutland Herald Editorial, Yes to Act 250

July 27, 2000, Rutland Herald, Court backs limit on OMYA trucks

July 3, 2000, Rutland Herald, Conflict is cited

June 24, 2000, Rutland Herald, Danby considers its future

June 23, 2000, Rutland Herald, Truck traffic tops transportation meeting

June 16, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA gains more support

June 9, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA gets aid in truck conflict

June 7, 2000, Rutland Herald, Residents divided over OMYA trucking plan

May 30, 2000, Rutland Herald, The quarry question

May 28, 2000, Rutland Herald, Granite dust
Sunday Magazine Cover Story about Sheffield Quarry: Deep Divisions

May 23, 2000, Rutland Herald, Danby declines Tinmouth offer to share road review

May 21, 2000, Rutland Herald, Wallingford board wants residents take on trucks

April 26, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA overflow is inspected today

April 17, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA hears resident concerns,

April 14, 2000, Rutland Herald, Danby searches for experts to assess OMYA plan

April 10, Rutland Herald, Planners meet after three-year hiatus

April 6, 2000, Rutland Herald, Wallingford to study quarry impact

March 28, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA and World War II

March 28, 2000, Rutland Herald, History offers moral lesson

March 28, 2000, Rutland Herald, German business partner had post-war problems

March 22, 2000, Rutland Herald, Officials air concerns about OMYA plan

March 16, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA asks court to remove Route 7 restrictions

March 6, 2000, Rutland Herald, Quarry proposal prompts petition

March 5, 2000, Rutland Herald, Tinmouth opposes OMYA truck route

Feb. 11, 2000, Tinmouth plots ways to block OMYA trucks

Feb. 11, 2000, Rutland Herald, Wallingford Officials also worried about truck route

Feb. 7, 2000, Rutland Herald, Residents oppose quarry proposal

Jan. 17, 2000, Rutland Herald, OMYA may reopen Danby marble quarry

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