Shelburne residents maintain opposition to VELCO transmission line

Monday December 6, 2004

Shelburne, VT

(Host) In Shelburne, more than 300 people showed up for a photo shoot on Sunday - but they weren't smiling.

(Photographer) "Look at the camera. How do you really feel about VELCO?"
(Crowd) "Boooooo!"

(Host) The group was posing for a picture to publicize their opposition to a power-line project proposed for a 63 mile stretch from Rutland to South Burlington. The Vermont Electric Power Company says the $130 million transmission upgrade is needed to meet increased power demands.

But area residents who came to Shelburne Town Center on Sunday expressed concerns about having high-power transmission towers near their homes. The group argued that the lines can pose health risks and that the project is unnecessary. They say the state has rushed the hearing process, and argue that it would be better to invest in conservation programs.

After more than a year of review, the Public Service Board is wrapping up hearings on the project and hopes to issue a decision by mid-January.