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Pipeline Heaters. Eight heaters will be required along the pipeline route, about one every eight miles.


From Brian J. Fitzgerald, Engineering Services
To: SVGas New A2 File
Subject: Southern Vermont Gas Pipeline
Date: Feb. 2, 1999

I received a phone inquiry on Feb.2, 1999 from Matty Raheme, Nyseg (617-762-8770). He called concerning the proposed natural gas pipeline to serve Bennington and Rutland Counties. Mr. Raheme wanted to know if pipeline heaters needed an air pollution control permit to construct (i.e., subject to new source review). There would be eight of these heaters in separate locations spaced along approximately 60 miles of pipeline. Mr. Raheme indicated the maximum rated heat input capacity for these heaters would range from 0.1 to 5 million Btu per hour and would combust natural gas only. There would be only one heater in each of the eight locations.

I informed Mr. Rahame that an air pollution control permit was not required for these natural gas heaters as long as the maximum rated heat input capacity was less than 10 million Btu/hr.

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Updated: October 4, 1999