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Cost Estimate Review. As the Memorandum of Understanding nears completion, state agency personnel were again asked to review their costs to see if they could be brought down for NYSEG.


From: Steve Sease
To: Jonathan Peress
Subject: Cost Estimate Review
Date Thur, 6 May 1999, 2:20 p.m.

The pipeline folks are interested in finishing and signing the MOU regarding state resources. I spoke to them today, and they are concerned, as you may know, that the state figures for review are higher than their own costs for preparing the project. They asked that we take a hard second look at our requests and cost estimates to see if we (the state collectively) can cut some dollars. They also noted that some agencies did not seem aware that the line now enters the state at Bennington, rather than Pownal, and wondered if that might cause some numbers to drop.

Their request that we take a hard look at our numbers is reasonable. They would like to iron out the MOU with Sarah Hofmann at the PSD by tomorrow, so please review your cost estimates and if you have any revisions please forward them to Sarah at 828-3088 or

Thanks for your quick response on this.

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Updated: October 4, 1999