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The Agency of Natural Resources expresses concerns to NYSEG/SVNG about delays in proceeding with the natural gas proposal. This letter indicates the intention to complete field work during the 1999 season.


State of Vermont
103 South Main Street
Waterbury, Vermont 05671-0301

May 27, 1999

Mr. Bruce Roloson
Manager Sales and Marketing
Southern Vermont Natural Gas
P.O. Box 160
Rutland, Vermont 05702-0160

Dear Mr. Roloson:

I am writing to express my concerns about the apparent delay in your timetable for ANR's review of SVNG's natural gas distribution project. As you are aware, the Agency of Natural Resources has expended considerable time and resources to prepare for the necessary field review that will be required if and when you seek regulatory approval for your gas pipeline project. These resources were expended in good faith reliance on the timetable that you presented, whereby fieldwork was to commence and conclude during the 1999 construction season. Inherent to our discussions and to any chance for accommodating a one season review, is the necessity that such review be commenced early in the season. While I never promised that ANR could complete its review within your proposed timeframe, I nonetheless directed staff to make all necessary preparations and arrangements to accommodate your timetable.

In reliance on our discussions, ANR has sought and received approval to hire and train as many as six temporary staff positions. These positions were advertised and a roster of potential candidates was completed more than a month ago. As prospective candidates steadily notify us that they are pursuing other opportunities, our roster is becoming somewhat irrelevant. State personnel requirements provide that a job posting must be filled within a reasonable amount of time afterwhich the positions are lost and the process must commence anew. The current temporary positions expire June 3. Although there is a mechanism to extend the positions for up to one month, approval of such an extension is not automatic and may take some arm twisting with the personnel department. Before I am willing to engage in such an exercise, I need greater assurances that our considerable efforts to date were not in vain.

ANR remains willing and able to staff up to provide an expeditious review of your project. The longer the delay, the less likely it becomes that field review can be completed in one season.

Please contact me should you care to further discuss this matter.


Scott Johnstone
Deputy Secretary

cc: Richard Sedano

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Updated: October 4, 1999