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The Legal Counsel for the Agency of Natural Resources took notes at a meeting held after the announcement of the power plant and pipeline project last September.

Handwritten Notes taken 9/30/98

From the File of Andy Raubvogel

General Counsel for Agency of Natural Resources

Handwritten Notes taken 9/30/98

Phase I 
1080 mw Rutland
 270 mw Bennington
Phase II
	Pipeline Rutland to Killington
Phase III
	Pipeline Rutland to Middlebury
Phase IV
	Pownal to Mass. to Brattleboro
Phase V
	Brandon to Ticonderoga
Phase VI 
	Rutland to Barre/Montpelier
All Phases ^ 10 years

NYSEG says they can build gate stations for $300-400,000 
less than Iroquois

NYSEG will bid to build Iroquois portion

AOT wants them in RR ROW or under the track.

NYSEG tries for 50% conversion rate by five years
	Have seen up to 80% conversion rate within 10 years.

MOU for payback prior to initiation of 248 proceeding.

Initial scoping of route ^ could be done this Fall by existing 
ANR personnel ^ wouldn,t need MOU right away.

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