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MOU Cost. In this e-mail, state agency personnel discuss NYSEG's concern that the State's cost for review of the project is too high and would like them to see if they can bring the cost down.


From Sarah Hofmann, DPS
To Jonathan Peress, ANR
Subject: MOU
Date March 30, 1999,4:05 p.m.

Thanks Jonathan I received the electronic version of the MOU.

Hope you don,t feel like I am stepping on your toes. I just have time right now to work on this so I am proceeding while I have the chance.

I spoke with Vickie Brown today to see if she had any comments before I started making revisions. She said that her client had just been surprised by the amount of the agency,s estimates for work and would ultimately like a little more background as to how the costs were determined such as why two more people are needed in the ANR Planning Division. I did impress upon her that to meet the timeline her client wanted would take a concentrated push of people but I would share with the agencies her request for more detail in how numbers are arrived at. What do you think about this? I also advised her that people were taking some time at this point to review further what their needs would be and the cost estimates may vary in the next draft from what was in the first draft of Exhibit 2A

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Updated: October 4, 1999