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VT Energy PA - Holdings
30 Grains/dscf - Nat. Gas - allowed 
		by VPSB

NSPS Monitoring Requirements
Sulfur content of gas supply

Meeting - Foster Wheeler/VT DEC-AIR  9 AM  4/27/99

Rutland - Two combined cycle @ 270 mw each
		Two single cycle @ 150 mw each

Bennington - single combined cycle unit @ 270 mw

Rutland - BACT/LAER :  NOx CO VOC, PM, SO2 - Not significant (impacts)
224-275 tons/yr NOx   -PM less significant

with Screen 3
	No significant off-site impacts

Complex terrain in screening?  Stack height at terrain height

Are they truly insignificant in PSD, sensitive
Areas, & Class I.  If so, perhaps no net monitoring will be required.

Significance - Met tower be designed  

Met Data as supplied by EPA - using RAM met.

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Updated: February 22, 2000