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Valentinetti: - Vt. NOx Budget Effort Status
- Difficult for Vt. To get Req'd Offsets
- Will plants need to get offsets?  Req'd..
- Status of 8 hr Air Std.
- Different than other N.E. States
- Environmental/Political Problem Rather than Environmental
- Vt. Power Plants Exempt for Offset Req'ts Give Advantage.  
  $/MWH Higher (Marginal costs)
- Mass. may opt. For single supplies of NOx control technology (SCONOX).  
  NY, RI, CT, NH, ME will accept existing tech.  Dry Combust.  (5 ppm)


Treatment of DC line interruptible Y/N NEES seeing to control
--HQ/US Border $ known.  Delivered $ not known.  
  Cost of Service. 

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Updated: February 22, 2000