Towns Opposing the Project

Of the fourteen towns directly affected by the proposed NYSEG/SVNG natural gas pipeline and/or VEPH power plant projects, eight have announced their opposition to the project, and one has announced that its position with regard to the project is neutral. The remaining five towns have taken no public position on the project.

Rutland: Neither the Town nor the City of Rutland has taken a stand on the project, although local business organizations have expressed support for the project.

West Rutland: West Rutland has taken no stand on the project, for or against.

Ira: Ira has taken no stand on the project, for or against.

Clarendon: At an October 26 public hearing, Clarendon residents expressed their opposition to the project. On November 8, the Clarendon Select Board voted 3 to 2 to oppose the pipeline proposal.

Tinmouth: At a special meeting on September 22 Tinmouth residents voted, by Australian ballot, 85 to 0 against the pipeline project. The Tinmouth Planning Commission had previously opposed the project on June 7, citing where the pipeline would violate the established town plan.

Wallingford: Wallingford has taken no stand on the project, for or against.

Danby: At a September 15th public meeting, Danby residents voted, by Australian ballot, 185 to 52 against the pipeline. On October 7 the Danby Select Board adopted a resolution not to back the pipeline.

Mount Tabor: Mount Tabor resolved to oppose the pipeline project, May 18.

Dorset: On April 20 the Dorset Select Board issued a resolution opposing the project. Subsequently, on June 22, Dorset residents attending a special town hearing on the proposed project voiced their approval for a proposal that Dorset take further steps to oppose the pipeline.

Manchester: At Manchester Town Meeting on March 4, about 100 citizens unanimously approved a non-binding resolution calling on the Manchester Select Board to oppose the proposed natural gas pipeline. However, the Select Board subsequently declined, on March 18, to go on the record against the project.

Sunderland: On October 5 the Sunderland Select Board adopted a resolution not to support the pipeline project. At Town Meeting on March 7, about 100 citizens voted to oppose the gas project with a near-unanimous vote.

Arlington: The Arlington Select Board chose not to support the pipeline project, June 14.

Shaftsbury: The Town of Shaftsbury issued a resolution in support of the pipeline project on May 3. However, on October 5 the Shaftsbury Select Board voted to commission a study as to whether to continue their support, and on February 21 it overturned its prior support by adopting a statement saying that until more information is known the Select Board neither supports nor opposes the current proposal.

Bennington: The Town of Bennington has taken no stand on the project, for or against. At the Select Board's Public Hearing on the project on September 16, the majority of the audience of about 100 people expressed opposition to the project. Local business organizations such as the Bennington Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and Bennington County Industrial Council (BCIC) have announced their support for the project.

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Updated: March 25, 2000