As part of VCE's on-going efforts to provide relief to people suffering from exposure to chloraminated water, VCE submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources for all materials related to their work on the chloramine issue. We have posted here materials received from the period covering late 2007 through Feb. 11, 2008. We post these public documents without commentary. However, your comments on them are appreciated and can be sent to us at
Public Records about Chloramine from
Vermont's Department of Environmental Conservation

--e-mails beginning Dec. 10, 2007 through Feb. 11 2008 between Vermont state agency officials and the Champlain Water District and Brad Ferland of Ferland Marketing, the public relations person for the CWD,
in chronological order -- click on each link to read the .pdf file -- each file is about 10 pages, with lots of duplications

Jan. 10, 2008 From DEC Commissioner Laura Pelosi to ANR Secretary George Crombie:
"Commissioner Moffat and I are trying to work a meeting with Jim Fay and make some efforts to get ahead on the chloramines issue which is going to quickly come down on us."

Jan. 18, 2008 From Nancy Erickson, Communication Director VT Dept. of Health to Sabina Haskell, Communication Director VT ANR, cc: JoEllen Warner and BFerland:
"JoEllen Warner is the Health Department's public policy director and Brian [sic] Ferland, Ferland Marketing is working with the Champlain Water District on the use of chloramine and disinfection by-products. We all met earlier this week with Commissioner Moffatt and Commissioner Pelosi and decided that you, JoEllen, Brian [sic] and I should work together immediately to come up with a more strategic communication plan/messages and methods to better inform legislators and the public about the complexities of this issue."

January 22, 2008 From Sabina Haskell to DEC Dept. Commissioner Justin Johnson and DEC Commissioner Laura Pelosi in response to an e-mail from Annette Smith of VCE:
"Ugh. We should talk. Need some direction and questions answered."

January 22, 2008 From Brad Ferland to Sabina Haskell, Nancy Erickson, JoEllen Warner:
"Sabina, Thanks for setting this up. It was good to see you again. What a small State it is. Thanks, Brad."

January 25, 2008 From Sabina Haskell to Nancy Warner, JoEllen Warner, Brad Ferland, cc: Laura Pelosi, George Crombie, Brendan Cosgrove; Subject "Chloramine update/CONFIDENTIAL:"
"In the meantime, Laura Pelosi, DEC Commissioner, and I had a second conversation with Brad Ferland, in which we outlined our strategy in the next two weeks. It is as follows: 1. Brad will supply us with the talking points and "simplified" discussion paper that CWD is preparing for the legislative committee."

January 28, 2008 From DEC Water Supply Division Acting Chief Gary Schultz to Laura Pelosi, Eric Blatt
Property value concern. This is absolutely true. Any day now, I expect that people will leave Chittenden County in droves and resettle in Kabul, Afghanistan where it's safe, the mortgage crisis hasn't hit yet and you're happy if you can just find water."

January 28, 2008 From Sabina Haskell to Laura Pelosi, Gary Schultz:
"I'm trying to organize the chloramine attack."

January 29, 2008 From Sabina Haskell to Laura Pelosi, Justin Johnson, Gary Schultz, Eric Blatt; Subject: Draft letter to Racine/CONFIDENTIAL
"I do think we need some dollars and cents in there to drive home our point, but I don't have the figures...maybe Gary or Eric do."

February 1, 2008 Handwritten notes from Teleconference, including ANR, VDH, and DEC:
"Brad Ferland to provide info."

February 7, 2008 From JoEllen Warner to Brad Ferland, Nancy Erickson, cc: Jim Fay, Sabina Haskell:
"If we don't discuss costs as well as risk, we won't shift the conversation. We are not going to win this on health science or 2-1-1 lines."

February 7, 2008 From Brad Ferland to Nancy Erickson, JoEllen Warner, Jim Fay, Sabina Haskell:
"The outreach the Health Department is conducting right now is wonderful and should prove to help bring this issue to closure."

--three complaints from citizens to ANR Sec. George Crombie and his response from May, Sept. and October 2007

--Memorandum from the Water Supply Division file from Sept. 12, 2006, Subject: Champlain Water District Monochloramine Treatment Review

--April 12, 2007 Memorandum which is referred to as a "White Paper" by Eric Blatt, Section Chief, Engineering and Financial Services, WSD, which appears to have been developed into what is now the DEC's web Fact Sheet about chloramine

--"List of Important Health Effects Studies", 2 pages, no date, no attribution
--"List of Important Health Question Studies", 01/02/08, 2 1/2 pages, no attribution

--Materials from the SFPUC (California) website -- a letter from Andrew DeGraca, SFPUC from Jeffrey K. Griffiths, April 19, 2007 and "Chloramination Questions and Answers" Last Updated 5/20/04, [the link is to where it used to be on the SFPUC website]

--Feb. 4, 2008 VDH press release
--Print-out of a draft web site about chloramine which seems to have become the VDH web page about chloramine

--Letter to Sen. Racine May 9, 2007
--Moffat's Jan. 29 2008 letter to Sen. Racine, along with 2 copies of Jan. 28 2008 letter to Howard Frumkin of CDC
--Letter to Senator Doug Racine, Jan. 25 through Feb. 11 2008

--CWD's document titled "CWD will continue to use approved monochloramines for secondary disinfection"

--CDC's report & health survey

--An untitled document (draft for DEC "Fact Sheet" or "White Paper"?), Q & A format, first question is "Why is drinking water disinfected?

--A study called "Controlled Clinical Evaluations of Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite and Chlorate in Man"

--"Home Treatment Information" Sept. 26, 2007 by CWD
--EPA memo entitled "Home treatment information for chloramine removal."

--CWD Water Quality Reports for Nov., Dec. 2007 and January 2008, charts showing DBP reductions after introduction of chloramine
--CWD Flow Chart

--print-outs of the agenda and power point presentations from the Nov. 1 2007 disinfection byproducts conference, and text of Sec. Crombie's introductory speech
--list of Vermont Water supplies out of compliance with Stage 1

--Green Mountain Water Environment Association's notice to members which mentions chloramine legislation.

VCE and PCAC Press Release of February 25, 2008
Vermont ANR Secretary squelched VCE's efforts to talk about chloramine in 2007
Read the meeting notes