Newspaper articles about the Vermont Supreme Court case
Orchard Owner to Defend Right to Farm, Part 1
Addison Eagle, February 21, 2002
Orchard Owner to Defend Right to Farm, Part 2
Addison Eagle, February 28, 2002

Right to Farm Plans Run into Opposition
Burlington Free Press, January 24, 2004
Photos of Crescent Orchard in Orwell, Vermont
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Photos of New York Apple Bag and Boxes being Packed by Crescent Orchard in Vermont

Unpruned trees in November, Apple Litter under Every Tree

Pesticide Mixing Area that drained into waters that enter Lake Champlain

Pesticide mixing area with Tricketts' well in foreground

Outhouse used by apple packers, with no hand-washing facility

Migrant Worker housing with open window and tarp on roof

Typical idling truck

Loading Dock where trucks block road and are left idling for hours, day and night

Truck out the Tricketts' front window

Truck in road while apples are loaded

The Tricketts' Home across the street from the loading dock

Map showing proximity of Tricketts' well and business, Lincoln Motor Car Supply to pesticide mixing area and home to loading dock.

Cows in pen
November 2001

Trucks loading, waiting to load in front of Tricketts' Home

New York Apple Boxes Ready for Loading

Truck exhaust in front of Trickett home

Truck from NY in front of Trickett Home

Red Truck idling in front of Trickett Home

White Truck outside Trickett Home