Shampoos with Methylisothiazoline May Pose Risk for Unborn Babies
06 Dec 2004

Scientists at The University of Pittsburgh have indicated that some unborn babies could be at risk from shampoos and hand lotions containing Methylisothiazoline if their mothers use them during pregnancy.

Methylisothiazoline (Mit) is a common ingredient in many shampoos and hand lotions.

Researchers found that the chemical undermined the growth of structures in the immature nerve cells of unborn rats.

The researchers believe Methylisothiazoline might also affect the developing nervous system of unborn humans.

Team leader, Prof. Elias Aizenman, said more research needs to be carried out. "This chemical is being used more and more extensively, yet there have been no neurotoxicity studies in humans to indicate what kind and at what level exposure is safe. Based on our data, there very well could be neuro-developmental consequences from Mit. I would be particularly concerned about occupational exposure in pregnant women and the possibility of risk to the foetus."