Thursday, October 23, 2003
Letter to the editor

Chamber backs power lines

On behalf of the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce I am writing to express support for the proposed VELCO Northwest Vermont Reliability Project currently being reviewed by the Vermont Public Service Board.

The plan would upgrade transmission lines from West Rutland to Burlington within the existing utility corridor. The plan also includes improvements to current substations.

VELCO's mission is simple: Provide reliable electricity to utilities and the public.

VELCO has conducted a rigorous analysis of the options available to make sure Vermont's transmission system can continue to deliver power reliably. Upgrading the transmission system was shown to be the most comprehensive, cost-effective solution for Vermont's electricity needs.

Economic growth in northwest Vermont is contributing to increased demand for power and stressing the existing transmission system. Recent events have highlighted system vulnerabilities nationwide.

We believe that safe, cost-effective and reliable transmission, distribution and generation of electricity remain important issues for job creation and retention, and consumers at large.

The Northwest Vermont Reliability Project is an important and timely (if not overdue) step to provide reliable electric power ultimately to our homes and businesses.

(Executive vice president,
Rutland Region
Chamber of Commerce)