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Dr. Richard Bull on Chloramine
Chloramine Info Center
Pennsylvania citizens working to keep chloramine out of their water
Vermont has joined the growing number of states with public water systems that are switching from free chlorine to chloramine as a water disinfectant. In April 2006, the Champlain Water District, which serves 68,000 people in Chittenden County, began adding ammonium sulfate to the chlorine, creating chloramine. Almost immediately, some water district customers complained about skin, digestive and breathing problems after using the water.

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Rutland Citizens for Clean and Safe Water Website
www.chloramine.org, Citizens Concerned about Chloramine, the San Francisco area group of people who first made the connection between health problems and chloramine disinfection of their water.

Thirty minute discussion about
chloramine in drinking water

South Burlington
parts of Milton
Essex Junction
Jericho Village

Considering Using Chloramine
Grand Isle

Vermont Towns that use Chloramine
California Clean Water
Clean Water Important Videos about Chloramine
The Science of Chloramine
Testimony on H.80
February 12, 2009

Public Records about Chloramine
from VT's Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 2008

Public Hearing
Vermont Senate Health and Welfare Committee's 5-Hour Hearing on Chloramine, 3/13/08
If you live in an area that is using chloramine and think you might be experiencing health effects
please report your symptoms to VCE and
Contact the Vermont Dept. of Health
• CWD Manager Jim Fay
• ANR Secretary Deb Markowitz
• Governor Peter Shumlin

Read examples of Symptom Reports


Chloramine and the Environment: "BAD FOR FISH, GOOD FOR PEOPLE?"

Food and Water Watch's
Fact Sheet
about chloramine
Does the EPA regulate the disinfection by-products of chloramine?

EPA: We have the authority to implement the safe drinking water act and we do that through our regulations.  The regulations now require that water systems control the level of disinfection byproducts

VCE:  of chlorine

EPA:  of chlorine and any disinfection byproducts
VCE:  What about byproducts of chloramines?

EPA:  We have not regulated those. 

Transcript of discussion between VCE and EPA staff at the meeting held at Vermont's Department of Health on 9/26/07

Have health studies been done on chloramine for the symptoms people are reporting?

"In terms of the kinds of health
effects that people are complaining about, there really haven't been any studies to really address that issue in a statistically significant way," said
Lorraine Backer from the Centers for Disease Control.

WCAX-TV's broadcast,Sept. 26, 2007

Do you know what's coming into the Grand Isle Consolidated Water District soon? In Feb., officials snuck through a ballot initiative to replace chlorine with chloramine (ammonia + chlorine) into your water supply. This is a disinfectant that is making people ill all over the country. There is still a chance to keep it out of your water, thanks to a new law that People Concerned About Chloramine, a citizens group in Chittenden County, helped get passed. You have the right to request a public hearing before a permit is issued for the use of chloramine in the Grand Isle Consolidated Water District. Don't miss this opportunity. We who have lived with chloramine can tell you the heartbreaking effect it has had on people exposed to it in Chittenden County and elsewhere. People have a right to safe water for all. Come to an informational meeting May 23, 2012, at 7pm, Grand Isle United Methodist Church, 12 Hyde Rd., Grand Isle. 
No Tap Water
Sign on Cancer Patient's Hospital Room Door
Is it because of chloramine?
Dallas, Texas
Sign This Petition

Environmental Protection Agency's "Messaging" Campaign in Response to Health Complaints about Chloraminated Water

VCE filed a Freedom of Information Act request with EPA in 2009 and received materials that did not answer the question. Many materials were withheld, so we appealed and received more materials in Aug. 2010.

Click on the links below to read what we received from the 2nd round, the materials that were withheld the first time. What we learn from these files is that EPA has devoted substantial resources to messaging rather than trying to determine why people are reporting the impacts that they are.
Note: these are large files.

1. Emails from 2004 and 2007
2. Emails from 2007 and 2008
3. Emails from 2008 and 2009
4. Chloramine use by Region and multi-year emails
5. Correspondence about chloramine use in CA
6. Chloramine in VT and CA
7. EPA Message Maps 1
8. EPA Message Maps 2
9. EPA Message Maps 3
10. Chloramine EPA website info
11. EPA Message Maps and website info
12. EPA Chloramine Criteria Document and PA
13. EPA Message Maps 4
14. EPA Message Maps 5
15. EPA Message Maps 6
16. EPA Message Maps 7

Testimony June 17, 2010 to the Pennsylvania Legislature's
House Committee on Health and Welfare

VCE's Annette Smith and PCAC member Brie Hoblin follow PA's Chloramine Info Center's Susan Pickford in testifying before the committee about health problems from chloramine
Full Transcript of the hearing
June 17, 2010

Public Records about Chloramine from Vermont State Government
February and March, 2012

1. Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Feb. 2012
2. Department of Health, March 2012