Skin Rashes from Bathing in Chloraminated Water in Vermont
Get Better in non-Chloramine Water
Rash developed on man after introduction of chloramine in Vermont in April 2006.
Photos taken August 2006.

June 2006. She started itching, burning skin. Got worse. Went to the Doc. He said to soak in baking soda for 15 mins. Set her legs and feet on fire -- been like “raw beefsteak ever since.” Hasn’t had a good night’s sleep for months- legs on fire- have to sit up for the rest of the night. Read letter in Shelburne News describing symptoms. Just like this woman’s.  She  looked up and is glad she did. Horrible scalp itch after washing hair. 
Improvement after showering regularly in chlorinated water, beginning January 23, 2007.
Photos taken March 19, 2007.
Chloramine =Chlorine + Ammonia
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August 2007. She went off the water and her legs have been slowly clearing up. The one not so bad is completely healed but there is scarring and the pigment is darker. The other one is almost healed up.  She took a shower 2 weeks ago because she was desperate to get clean -- and she paid -– both legs got bad again. She drinks and cooks with bottled spring water and her son, who works where there is no chloramine, keeps her in water from there to bathe with.
Man's scalp using
CWD water
Man's scalp after switching to chlorinated water

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