Chloramine in Vermont
The Champlain Water District, serving communities surrounding Burlington, Vermont (but not Burlington) switched from chlorine to chloramine as a secondary disinfectant in April 2006. Citizens complained about health effects after the change, so the Vermont Department of Health invited the Centers for Disease Control and Environmental Protection Agency to meet with Vermonters. The meeting was held on September 26, 2007. These videos show citizens telling their stories to representatives of CDC, EPA, Vermont Department of Health, State Legislators and reporters. "In terms of the kinds of health effects that people are complaining about, there really haven't been any studies to really address that issue in a statistically significant way," said Lorraine Backer from the Centers for Disease Control. --WCAX-TV's broadcast,Sept. 26, 2007
In January 2008, the CDC issued its report, which acknowledges data gaps exist on the health effects of chloramine in tap water, and calls for further study. After a legislative hearing on March 13, 2008, all parties agreed to work in a stakeholder process, which failed.

South Burlington resident, below left. Colchester resident, below right

Skin problems experienced by Winooski man in video, below left, are on the left side of the chloramine photo gallery.
On right, Shelburne woman talks about gastrointestinal problems, fish, cat and greenery.

On left, Williston resident talks about problems that clear up when away from Champlain Water District water.
On right, citizens discuss problems with diagnosis and filtration.

South Burlington woman on left. Williston man on right.

Legs of Shelburne woman, below left, before and after bathing in chloraminated water on right side of chloramine photo gallery.
Colchester man on right.

Winooski woman talks about her experience with chloraminated water in video below left. Compilation of stories from Vermonters on right

Dr. Richard Bull gives a talk to Vermont Water System Operators
about chloramine data gaps, Montpelier, VT, Nov. 2007