Coping with Chloramine

• The greatest exposures to chloramine are through showering and bathing, and breathing vapors indoors.

• You can reduce your exposure by taking shorter showers, less often, and in cool water. Use an exhaust fan and leave the door open to vent the steam. Avoid baths, and consider showering elsewhere.

• Because humidifiers vaporize water, it’s good to fill them with bottled spring water, so that you’re not breathing in chloramine.

• Drinking, bathing, and cooking with bottled spring water also reduces your exposure.

• Pets may have symptoms similar to humans. Do not use chloraminated water in your fish tank – consult an area pet store for instructions.

• Chloramine cannot be boiled off, distilled or removed when water stands uncovered. Boiling kills pathogens, but does not remove chloramine.

• Unlike chlorine, chloramine cannot be easily or cheaply filtered out. Consult the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) at 877-867-3435 for information.

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