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Written consent would be required for amalgam fillings 3/1/07
State lawmakers sorting out whether to ban dental mercury 2/5/07
Dental Amalgam Ban Proposed, Burlington Free Press 1/27/07


No excuse to not to change (L) Caledonia Record 4/4/07
Risk isn't certain, but it's there (L) Burlington Free Press 3/19/07
Working together to eliminate mercury (O) Rutland Herald 3/15/07
Dentist needs to go back to school (L) Times Argus  3/12/07
ADA off-base on safety of mercury (L) Times Argus  3/12/07
Mercury Dental Amalgam - Risk or no risk? Times Argus 2/26/07
Safe alternatives to mercury exist (L) Times Argus 2/26/07
Mercury harms health, environment (L) Rutland Herald 2/23/07
Time to get rid of the mercury (L) Rutland Herald 2/22/07
Defense of mercury was inaccurate  (O) Rutland Herald 2/21/07
Mercury is environmental threat (O) Rutland Herald 2/21/07
Bill would ban mercury fillings (L) Rutland Herald 2/20/07
Mercury lies are offensive (L) Rutland Herald 2/16/07
Get mercury out of circulation (L) BFP 2/15/07
Mercury fillings are outdated (L) Times Argus 2/12/07
Mercury fillings are poisonous (L) Rutland Herald 2/8/07
Dentist Says Silver Fillings Could Pose Health Risk (O) 2/6/07
Thimersol free vaccines needed in VT (L) St. Albans Messenger 1/31/07
Time to phase out medical mercury (L) Burlington Free Press 1/31/07
Ban vaccines with mercury (L) Rutland Herald 1/18/07
Shots contain damaging mercury   (pdf format)  (L)Rutland Herald 1/10/07
Mercury fillings are poisonous (pdf) (L)Rutland Herald 12/21/06
Mercury fillings are not safe  (pdf) (L)Rutland Herald 12/1/06
Growing number of dentists choose not to use dental amalgam (pdf) (L)
Bedford Bulletin, VA12/27/06


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