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Mercury In The News - 2006

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Health experts call on EU to impose total ban on use of mercury 1/10/07
U.S. to keep mercury out of world market 1/2/07
CoMeD Sues FDA to Force Mercury Out of Medicine 11/1/06
Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation and Speedway Children's Charities Grant NAA $30,000 for Burbacher/Charleston Study 12/20/06
Bad News for Mercury Defenders - David Kirby 12/12/06
85 Families Sue Over Mercury Compound in Vaccines 11/21/06
Making a case against thimerosal 11/19/06
Ped Med: Misstep seen in shot safety study 11/20/06
Ped Med: Sides far apart in autism debate 11/16/06
Ped Med: Mixed bag of mercury test results 11/8/06
Ped Med: Clash of the researchers 11/1/06
Ped Med: Seeking allies in autism fight 9/28/06
Ped Med: Autism debate goes digital 9/26/06
Ped Med: Of vaccines and autism 9/15/06
Ped Med: Accelerating autism debate 9/12/06
Medical Group Ignorant of Facts on the Negative Affect of Mercury In Vaccines 6/30/06
Researcher studies connection between autism, vaccines 6/13/06
Autism activists watch bill 6/12/06
Combating autism: Santorum's bill would provide almost $1B 6/11/06
Heavy metals may be implicated in autism 5/27/06
Asking questions about vaccinations 4/23/06
Battle Lines Drawn Over Mercury in Shots 4/10/06
Debate Flares Over Vaccines and Autism 4/8/06
Kids On ADHD Drugs - Dangerous Path To Addiction 4/7/06
Autism controversy eats at credibility of CDC 4/6/06
Autism parents allege CDC cover-up 4/6/06
Down to Earth - Heavy Metal (India) 4/6/06
Autism story prompts bill 3/31/06
Allowing the Drug Companies to Poison Our Children 3/31/06
Book links thimerosal to brain disorders in children 3/23/06
American lawmakers initiate mercury probe for vaccines 3/22/06
Thimerosal linked with immune system dysfunction in mice 3/21/06
National Autism Association Supports Congressional Action to Investigate Vaccine/Autism Link; CDC Considered Poor Choice to Conduct Thimerosal Research 3/20/06
Lawmakers seek new investigation into vaccine autism link 3/17/06
Autism Rates 3/8/06
Report: Government knew of autism link 3/7/06
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: A Poisonous Move for Kids by CDC 3/6/06
Some Illinois Vaccines Still Legally Laced With Mercury 3/4/06
The Mercury Thing 3/2/06
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Time for CDC to Come Clean 3/1/06
Vaccinating For Profit - From Cradle to Coffin 2/20/06
Studies prove that it's a danger; N.M. must ban it in vaccines 2/7/06
Preservative still found in flu, tetanus shots MA 2/5/06
The needle and the damage done?: Local family wants to know if vaccinations caused illness 2/5/06
Groups prepare for flu-shot battle NM 1/31/06
Treating Autism One Wave at a Time 1/30/06
Vaccine exemption outrages mercury foes (IL) pdf. 1/23/06
State extends deadline for mercury in vaccines - IL (1/10/06)
Bill would outlaw flu shots with mercury for children - TN (1/8/06)
Vaccine, meeting laws now in effect - DE (1/1/06)
Cremation costs to rise as tooth fillings poison the living 1/9/07 (pdf)
After hearings raised questions on its paper, opponents say the FDA now has to choose the next step 12/27/06
Growing number of dentists choose not to use dental amalgam 12/27/06
Mercury fillings are poisonous - editorial 12/21/06
Mercury fillings are not safe - editorial 12/1/06
Congresswoman Watson introduces "The Mercury in Dental Fillings Disclosure and Prevention Act" 12/14/06
Mercury Triggers Premature Birth  10/30/06
Group reports 60 percent of neurotoxin in Bay Area wastewater is from dentists  11/24/06
Gillette physician gives key testimony 9/10/06
Mercury filling safety report rejected 9/7/06
Gum chewers with mercury fillings may increase levels 8/9/06
My Turn: Let's go mercury free editorial 4/28/06
FDA Hearings on Neurotoxic Effects of Dental Mercury in National First 4/7/06
Suit challenges mercury safety 4/1/06
My Turn: Reduce Mercury  3/29/06 (pdf)
My Turn: Dentists are good environmental stewards 3/28/06
Reduce mercury for health, environment - VT 3/22/06
10 Things Your Dentist Won't Tell You 3/15/06
Congresswoman Watson Addresses Gathering of Dental Experts 3/10/06
MY TURN: Get the mercury out 3/7/06
Mercury in tooth fillings targeted 3/6/06
Health experts warn against how people may be secretly poisoned by mercury  1/23/06

Mercury in the News - 2005

What Happens When They Grow Up  Newsweek 11/06
Are your teeth toxic? The mercury in 'silver' fillings would be hazardous waste in a river----yet it's sitting in your mouth 12/11/05 (pdf)
Lilly has ally, foe among Hoosiers in Congress  12/4/05
A contradiction taints flu shots among infants 11/18/05
"Scott Allen, executive director of the Illinois academy (of Pediatrics), explained: "The amount (of thimerosal) in the multidose influenza vaccine (12.5 micrograms) is well below even the most conservative standards for mercury exposure."  EPA states that the only "safe" level is 1/10 of 1 mcg per day so 12.5 is 125 times the "safe" level.
Price Gouging: Mercury-free flu shots more than double the price of a regular shot 11/14/05
Mercury Found in Towers (Vapors left from desserted dental offices) 11/12/05 (pdf)
Vaccine Additive Linked to Autism 11/3/05
Congresswoman Watson Reintroduces Mercury Amalgam Bill 11/2/05
Does danger lurk in that vaccine? By Judy Thomas (pdf) 101/14/05
"Only Sanofi Pasteur is approved to market a new mercury-free pediatric flu vaccine. Spokesman Len Lavenda said the company had planned to make 8 million doses of the mercury-free version of its Fluzone vaccine for this flu season but has cut back to 6 million doses.

The CDC estimates it would take about 12 million doses to vaccinate all children ages 6 months to 23 months.

"We were prepared to more than double the quantity this year, but demand for the product didn't warrant producing that much," Lavenda said. "While we have on several occasions sold out all of our preservative-containing (mercury) vaccine in the last several years, we have never sold out all of our preservative-free vaccine."

Lavenda said he had no idea why health officials were not ordering more mercury-free vaccine."

Why Give Dentists a Pass on Mercury - Hartford Courant 9/5/05 (pdf)
FDA Knew Dangers Of Thimerosal-Vaccines For 60 Years 9/4/05
New York Times Flawed reporting on Thimerosal cover-up 8/8/05 (PDF)
Danish study on autism-thimerosal flawed  7/17/05 (PDF)
Exploding Autism Epidemic Tied To Greed of Pharmaceutical Companies 7/12/05
Dan Gould: Americans need to look deeper into autism surge
Role of mercury in vaccinations hasn't been resolved
Autism, mercury, and politics, By Robert Kennedy Jr. - 7/1/05
EPA faces fight on mercury policy 6/30/05
(Canadian) Provinces draft agreement on mercury standards 6/30/05
EU ministers vote for gradual ban on mercury exports 6/24/05
Bill barring vaccines with mercury for youngest goes to governor (MO) 5/12/05 (pdf)
Noah, for one, is peeling back the layers of autism May 7, 2005 (pdf)
Autism's cause unknown May 1, 2005
Controversy over mercury and vaccinations May 1, 2005
Some dentists, patients phasing out fillings with mercury 4/29/05 (pdf)
Conference to raise autism awareness 4/27/05 (pdf)
All-out Effort on Autism - Newsday 4/20/05 (pdf)
Heavy Price to Pay for the Spin on Vaccines - UK 4/20/05 (pdf)
New EPA Mercury Rule Omits Conflicting Data 3/22/05
Autism, mercury possibly linked 3/17/05
Autism, ADD, ADHA - Vaccine Relate 3/15/05 (pdf)
Inoculating against fear 3/15/05
What is Mercury 3/11/05 (pdf)
David Ayoub - Thimerosal Definite Cause Of Autism 3/11/05
Americans Want Clean Water, 3/7/05 (pdf)
Dental office evacuated in mercury spill
The Arizona Republic ~ Feb. 23, 2005 12:00 AM

A dental practice in Ahwatukee Foothills was evacuated for 30 minutes Tuesday during suspicion of mercury contamination. None was found, according to Phoenix Fire Department Capt. Wes Trayner.

A hazardous materials team was called to Jungle Roots Children's Dentistry, 4232 E. Chandler Blvd., after a bead of mercury from a filling was spilled onto a counter. The team cleaned up the mercury and tested the area. No staff or patients were exposed to the mercury, Trayner said.

NOTE: This was a pediatric dental clinic.  If that "bead" had not hit the counter, it would have gone into a filling for a child where it would then emit a lifetime of mercury vapor.

Cardozo Evacuated In Spill of Mercury, Washington Post, February 24, 05

“I think the hardest part to deal with is getting rid of the vapor,” said Nicholas Brescia, EPA coordinator.

3 Students On Tape In Spill of Mercury - Two Identified At Cardozo High

"The spill involved two ounces of mercury, health officials said."  NOTE:  This is equal to the mercury found in about 4 amalgam fillings

Governments Move to Assess and Control Mercury Pollution, Feb. 25, 05
Mercury’s Global Threat: Officials Agree to Curb its Use pdf
Mercury on the rise March3, 05
School's mercury tests continue, Edgewood OH, March 5, 05 pdf

"The vapors also have a tendency to cling to shoes."  NOTE: A thermometer contains about 1 gr. of mercury which is equal to about that found in 2 amalgam fillings.

Mercury that closed school forces family out of home 3/11/05

Higher levels of mercury seen polluting region, Boston Globe
DVD Details Mercury Dental Management Commands 1/14/05
“Mercury that finds its way into environmental waters is converted by bacteria to methyl mercury, a persistent and highly toxic neurotoxin which is retained in the food chain,” continued Kuehne. “This is the reason for Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization advisories on consumption of certain types and amounts of fish, especially for children and pregnant women.”
Questions & Answers on the Mercury Strategy EU 1/31/05
Mercury Spill at St. Joseph School 3/11/05


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