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Pluess Staufer
An In-depth View of A Silent Giant


History offers moral lessons

OMYA's past


OMYA Florence, Vermont Site Photos

Omya in Vermont
Omya's website set up to improve community relations. Includes meeting minutes and documents relating to legislatively-mandated "Section 5" study, Interim Certification Application, and community Issues Teams.

OMYA wants to expand waste stockpiling

to cover 32 acres, 80 feet tall 

OMYA Declaratory Ruling - Reconsideration
Waste Management Division
Established February 10, 2004
OMYA's Tailings Characterization Report
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OMYA's Site Plans

OMYA's Hydrogeologist's Testimony
Act 250 hearing, Dec. 18, 2002
OMYA Spill

OMYA's Environmental Record in Vermont

& Towns in which OMYA owns land
OMYA's spill of Propylene Glycol
Information about Omya's use of Biocides and a Description of Specific Systems
Omya's recent Oil Spills
#1 and #2

Public Records about Omya from Vermont State Agencies
OMYA Contaminant Spill Investigation Report
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OMYA's Discharge Permit
Draft of New Permit
Omya Verpol Plant Water Circulation Processes
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Federal and Vermont
Supreme Court

Judgments Against Omya
Middlebury Rail Spur MOU
Minutes of Meeting
May 7, 2001

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Omya's Mines in Vermont

OMYA's Danby Proposal

Map of Omya's holdings in Danby and the geology

Truck Routes from
Jobe Phillips Quarry


Vermont Mining
UVM website with aerial photos of mines in Vermont

Vermont Quarries
Danby's Underground Marble Quarry

Mad River Neighborhood Association
Moretown Quarry neighbors' website
Governor Jim Douglas on OMYA
Vermont Public Radio

Senator Jim Jeffords Visits the Mine Site
Letter from Senator Patrick Leahy
Governor Howard Dean on the environment and OMYA
Is OMYA impacting your community? Write and tell us about it:

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"There’s Something Rotten... in Vermont"
Seven Days Column
July 16, 2008

Vermont ponders tax break for a polluter
Rutland Herald Commentary
April 3, 2008

Has a new Omya replaced the old?
Rutland Herald Commentary
February 28, 2008

Public Records from Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources about the regulation of Omya's waste in 2007
How Green Is Our Valley?
Critics charge Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources isn’t tough enough

Seven Days, May 23, 2007

Photo of VCE's executive director by Lee Krohn
"ANR’s reaction to the report? As of this month, no solid-waste permit has been issued for OMYA’s landfill despite mounting evidence that suggests the project is an environmental hazard."

"We are five years into the operational life of this landfill," Brabant explains. "It’s totally illegal. The story here is, how many agencies in state government are willing to look the other way in terms of enforcing the law? "
Omya's Waste

Photo by Tom Narwid
"One of the most beautiful places in the USA"

The Healing Mountain

Omya Drops Danby Quarry Plan
Vermont Public Radio
October 1, 2004


Wary of OMYA
Mining company faces rich vein of opposition in Danby and beyond
Rutland Herald/Times Argus Sunday Magazine Cover Story

Wall Street Journal
Page One article about OMYA

All the Marble
TIME Magazine

Christian Science Monitor
Quandary of a
quarry in Vermont
Swiss mine raises protests in Vermont
Swiss Radio International
October 10, 2002

Omya, Critics Deadlock on Expansion Plans
Vermont Public Radio
DANBY, VT (2002-04-22)

Vermont allowing toxic emissions
Rutland Herald Commentary
February 15, 2006
Plume from Omya's factory in Florence, Vermont
Dec. 15, 2005

Omya made cooperation impossible
Rutland Herald Commentary
June 23, 2005

Photo from Vermont Waste Management Division
showing Omya's storage of hazardous chemicals
More about Omya's Dump

OMYA is the Largest User of Pesticides in Vermont

List of Chemicals Used by Omya
Click on Pie Chart to Enlarge

Shampoos with Methylisothiazoline May Pose Risk for Unborn Babies
Medical News Today
06 Dec 2004

This is info Omya doesn't want you to know:

Omya's Use of Biocides

OMYA, The Truth, and the Public's Right to Know

Click to enlarge

Year 2000 Rutland County
Pesticide Usage Data

What can YOU do?

Press Release:

VCE Expands Agenda to Deal With Omya

What's New
on the web site?

Manager recaps the year at Omya
Rutland Herald
December 20, 2013

Middlebury's big dig -- up close
Addison Eagle
October 21, 2013

Omya Hazmat team to remove chemical
Rutland Herald
October 16, 2013

Future of Omya in Proctor properties unclear
Rutland Herald
September 25, 2013

Omya trying to buy 4 more plants
Rutland Herald
September 14, 2013

Omya planning to build plant in Michigan
Rutland Herald
July 22, 2013

Town hopes to alleviate truck traffic
Rutland Herald
July 2, 2013

Omya plans to extend rail line
Rutland Herald
July 1, 2013

Omya continues to invest in resources
Rutland Herald
March 25, 2013

Concerns Arise on Quarry Expansion
Big Bear Grizzly
March 13, 2013

Public Worried about Quarry Expansion and Environment
Big Bear Grizzly
March 12, 2013

Omya receives OK from PSB for LNG facility
Rutland Herald
November 15, 2012

Nestle Recall
Rutland Herald
November 12, 2012

Omya moving more jobs to Ohio
Rutland Herald
October 26, 2012

Omya Inc. moving labs from Vermont to Ohio
Burlington Free Press
October 25, 2012

Omya rail spur put on hold indefinitely
Rutland Herald
August 28, 2012

For Omya's new manager, Vt. is homecoming
Rutland Herald
August 27, 2012

Omya Project falls under PSB jurisdiction
Rutland Herald
August 7, 2012

Electric bill dooms Vermont Marble Museum
Rutland Herald
April 24, 2012

Omya to use liquified natural gas
Rutland Herald
February 15, 2012

Court test looms on old rail line
Manchester Journal
July 27, 2011

RCRA citizen suit tossed: notice of intent failed to identify specific chemicals
July 25, 2011

A precedent for the public trust?
The Commons
March 9, 2011

Could Omya court decision force Yankee shutdown?
Brattleboro Reformer
March 5, 2011

Judge in Yankee suit: Water belongs to Vermonters
March 4, 2011

Effect of Omya ruling debated
Burlington Free Press
March 4, 2011

Environmentalists Say Groundwater Ruling Will Impact Vermont Yankee
Vermont Public Radio

Vermont Environmental Court judge rejects Omya permit
Burlington Free Press
March 3, 2011

Settlement Reached on CVPS Purchase of Vermont Marble Power Division of Omya
Market Wire
March 2, 2011

Global Calcium Carbonate Market to Reach 108.5 Million Tons by 2015
Global Industry Analysts
January 14, 2011

Shumlin’s picks have potential conflicts
December 20, 2010

State issues notice to Omya over calicum carbonate release
Rutland Herald
October 21, 2010

Omya: 500 pounds of spilled powder not harmful to humans
Rutland Herald
October 11, 2010

Pittsford residents appeal Omyas waste permit
Rutland Herald
June 16, 2010

Omya gets full waste permit
Rutland Herald
May 8, 2010

Spur unneeded, destructive
Rutland Herald Letter to the Editor
March 3, 2010

Rail spur plan crosses hurdle; on to final design
Addison Independent
February 15, 2010

Rail Progress
Rutland Herald Editorial
February 16, 2010

Agency Approves Omya Rail Spur
Rutland Herald
February 15, 2010
OMYA is Working on the Railroad

About the 10 year fight against OMYA in Vingrau, France
in French

The Guardian
Aug. 15, 1998
Omya scraps disputed quarry plan in Danby
Rutland Herald
Oct. 2, 2004
Omya needs permit to dump in Pittsford
Vermont Public Radio
Nov. 21, 2003
Neighbors fight OMYA waste storage plan
Rutland Herald
Dec. 19, 2002

Danby residents blame Omya for dry wells
Vermont Public Radio
October 31, 2002
French and Canadians Challenge OMYA
Manchester Journal
June 28, 2002
A Mountain of Resistance
Ottawa Citizen
June 18, 2002

When a Dream Quietly Implodes
Ottawa Citizen
June 18, 2002
OMYA focus of ‘global’ summit Manchester Journal
May 31, 2002
Tinmouth Channel wetland receives increased state protection
Manchester Journal
Dec. 14, 2001

MORE HEADLINES with links to articles from 2008 back to January 2000

Index to Headlines about Omya in Vermont 1985-2000

Letters to the Editor

December 4, 2008, Environmental work does not merit criticism, Rutland Herald Commentary
November 21, 2008, Spur deserves support, Rutland Herald editorial
February 21, 2008, A new Omya's clean bill of health, Rutland Herald
August 10, 2006, Beware blasting next to high school, Rutland Herald Commentary
April 5, 2006, Omya not in violation of air rules, Rutland Herald
February 15, 2006, Vermont allowing toxic emissions, Rutland Herald
June 23, 2005, Omya made cooperation impossible, Rutland Herald
May 4, 2005, Unusual Marriage, Rutland Herald
January 14, 2005, Legal clinic works, Burlington Free Press Commentary
March 31, 2004, Waste not
Commentary, Rutland Herald

Nov. 25, 2003, Showing Backbone, Rutland Herald editorial
Nov. 5, 2003, Misreading Law He Helped Write, Rutland Herald
October 29, 2003, Wasting Vermont
Rutland Herald
October 3, 2003, Douglas helps bulldoze citizens, Rutland Herald
9/21/03: Ruling Could Effect Health of Vermonters, Rutland Herald
3/7/03: OMYA decree makes farce of due process - Ottawa Citizen


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