September 4, 2000

Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE) recognizes that the beautiful Danby Four Corners valley is agricultural and residential, with abundant wildlife, all kinds of natural resources and diversity of species, and a quality of life that is increasingly rare, even in Vermont. VCE is making a commitment to keep this valley the beautiful treasure that it is.

Vermonters for a Clean Environment announces its opposition to OMYA's proposal to open a calcium carbonate strip mine on Dutch Hill in Danby Four Corners.

In partnership with the Towns of Tinmouth and Middletown Springs, VCE will represent the interests of the people of the region who stand together in strong opposition to OMYA's proposal.

OMYA proposes to strip away the overburden, blast and dig, truck and crush and stockpile enough marble to fill 40 trucks every day, 6 days a week throughout the year, and drive tractor-trailer-sized dump trucks the 60 mile round-trip over narrow, winding roads to OMYA's factory in Florence. It is the opinion of VCE and the majority of citizens in this area that OMYA's proposal is totally out of character with the current use of the valley, the proposed use of the roads is completely unrealistic, and the project would have negative economic and quality-of-life impacts that cannot be mitigated.

To prepare for OMYA's Act 250 permit application, VCE, Tinmouth and Middletown Springs have engaged legal counsel and will have experts prepared to testify on the issues.

VCE has researched and evaluated OMYA's proposal that was sent to Danby's Selectboard and Planning Commission in January of this year. We have determined that OMYA has no plan to transport the crushed marble "plant feed" to their factory. Additionally, we believe that OMYA will not be able to satisfy many of Act 250's critieria, especially aesthetics. As proposed, their plan does not clearly demonstrate that they will not have an unduly harmful impact upon the environment or surrounding land uses and development.

OMYA's proposal represents a negative economic impact for those who live and work in Danby and surrounding towns. Property values are already being impacted by the proposal, some sales have fallen through, and the time, money and energy of the people of the region are being drained by OMYA's poorly-planned proposal.

Vermonters for a Clean Environment is a non-profit organization. Contributions that we receive will be used to represent the people of the region. The people know the facts, they know what OMYA intends to do, and VCE, a people's organization, is committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that one of the most beautiful valleys in Vermont is not lost forever.

Annette Smith
Executive Director
Vermonters for a Clean Environment
789 Baker Brook Rd.
Danby, VT 05739