Product: Proxel GXL
EPA Registration Number: 10182-30
Manufacturer: Zeneca AG Products, Inc.
Product Signal Word: DANGER, indicating that the final formulated product
which is a solution-ready-to-use is considered highly toxic prior to any
use dilution steps which may occur on the label.
Active Ingredients:
9.3% 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (CAS # 2634-33-5)
Skin sensitizer and irritant (Contact Dermatitis, 1997, Mar; 36
(30: 131-6), Contact Dermatitis, 1999 Mar; 40(30: 150-4) ).
An oral rat LD50 of 1020 mg/kg and oral mouse LD50 of 1150 mg/kg,
indicate relatively low toxicity via ingestion (RTECS).
Was not able to locate any environmental fate information.