How You Can Help Save Rice Woods

During the Litigation Process

While the Shelburne Planning Commission's decision to approve the proposed housing development at Rice Woods is being appealed in Environmental Court, your assistance is urgently needed in informing other concerned Shelburne residents about the destruction of this wonderful natural area.

Stay updated by visiting the announcements page of this website.  If you have immediate questions or wish to donate time, talent or funds, click here to find out how you can Contribute to Saving Rice Woods.

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Please DO NOT attempt to visit Rice Woods while the litigation is in process.  The property is privately held and marked for "No Trespassing."  Your presence on site could significantly complicate the appeal process and affect the outcome.  It is our hope that the court will decide against the development and some day everyone will be able to enjoy the peaceful beauty of Rice Woods.  But, that time hasn't arrived yet.

After the Environmental Court's Decision

The court's decision will be handed down soon, with one of several possible outcomes.  The court could entirely deny development at Rice Woods.  Or, the court could uphold the Planning Commission's decision to permit the development.  Or, the court could request changes in the development that would require the developers to return to the town for approval again.  Unless the court entirely denies development at Rice Woods, the struggle to preserve that land could go on.  There would still be the Act 250 process which the developers would have to complete, in the event that the development is not prohibited.

As before, stay informed, spread the word, and if you can, contribute your time, talents and money to the effort. Citizen and neighbor involvement is an integral part of the Act 250 process, and can help in preventing the development at a later stage or can result in significant restrictions being imposed on the scope of the development.

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