Photos of proposed site for relocated Rutland railyard
    July 8, 2003
    Below photos: map of site with numbers identifying locations shown in photos
    Click on each photo for enlargement
1. wetland east of track 2. wetland east of track 3. south end looking west, north of Rt. 4 4.northern end looking west
5. west of track looking west
6. hay field west of track
7. hay field west of track
8. hay field west of track
9. west of track looking north
10. mid site wetland
11. mid site wetland
12. edge of hay field
13. edge of corn field
14. same as above
15. from further away
16. looking southwest
17. west
18. hay field
19. north
20. hay field
21. looking east towards track
22. northern field
23. slaughter house
24. northern field
25. looking towards track

Click on site map to see map without numbers identifying photos