Friday, November 28, 2003 Letters to the Editor

Say no to upgrade

The Vermont Public Service Board will soon be voting on whether or not to let VELCO upgrade the power lines that run through many towns including Charlotte, Shelburne, Ferrisburgh, Vergennes, New Haven and others.
This upgrade is not necessary and will greatly harm the health of those who live near the lines. The electromagnetic fields produced by the existing lines are already strong enough to light up a fluorescent bulb when held in the air by a standing adult. The upgrade would make these lines three times more powerful. They are already causing cancer to those living underneath them. This situation will only worsen.
Please ask your city leaders to oppose this project. You don't need the energy as your own power stations will tell you. Don't let those from VELCO tell you that you do. You are not at risk of a blackout. This upgrade is being done not for you but so that VELCO can sell more power to Southern New England. Please say no to this upgrade for the health of your neighbors.