VELCO will notify landowners about new power line

MONTPELIER, VT (2003-07-18)

(Host) Developers of a major new power line project have promised to tell all landowners along the route about its plans. The Vermont Electric Power Company wants to build a 60-mile-long high voltage transmission line from West Rutland to South Burlington.

VELCO told regulators this week that it was not legally required to notify property owners along the way. But VELCO President Martin Miller says the company will send notices to all landowners.

(Miller) "We want to make this an open process. This is for the people of Vermont. And a lot of people are going to benefit. And I think that the effort we are making is essential. It was never our intent to cut out anybody from the notification process."

(Host) Miller says VELCO's plans will also be available in local libraries. He says the outreach effort includes a Web site dedicated to the project.