Thursday, Feb. 24 was the almost* final day of technical hearings before the Vermont Public Service Board on the Lowell wind case.  The Board changed the schedule and heard testimony from all the witnesses scheduled for both Thursday and Friday.  However Vermont Public Television reports on Vermont This Week that the hearings have been extended and may resume the week of March 7.

*From the PSB Website 2/28/11:  Please note that the evidentiary hearings in PSB Docket No. 7628 (Lowell Mountain Wind Project) concluded on February 24, 2011, and there is no need to conduct additional hearings during the week of March 7th, as previously noted.

The hearing room was filled to capacity with more than a dozen people listening from out in the hall.  A group of students from Sterling College, many of whom have participated in the college’s annual wilderness trek on the Lowell Mountains, were present to hear the cross-examination of the testimony of Agency of Natural Resources’ Community Ecologist Eric Sorenson.

Video of Eric Sorenson’s testimony is in two segments.

Most of Eric’s testimony can be heard on these two audio files.

Part 1, Eric Sorenson cross-examination

The recorder quit for 3 minutes and 20 seconds, losing the section from 22:10 to 25:30.

Part 2, Eric Sorenson cross-examination