On March 30, 2011, Vermont’s Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee held a joint hearing with the House Natural Resources and Energy Committee on the energy plan.  37 Vermonters offered the committees their comments as the state works on updating its energy plan.

Among the commenters were representatives of the Green Mountain Club, Vermont Natural Resources Council, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Orion — The Hunter’s Institute, town energy committees, a former Vermont state naturalist, a former state Fish and Wildlife commissioner, Select Board members, architects, students, and citizens who have become educated about energy efficiency and renewable energy issues, including big wind turbines.

Public Comment was preceded by a 15 minute presentation by Department of Public Service Commissioner Elizabeth Miller and a 15 minute presentation by DPS Energy Planner Dave Lamont.  Special thanks to Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee Chair Virginia Lyons for providing this opportunity for the public to engage with state officials in this important conversation.

Audio of the full 2 hour and 15 minute hearing is here.

Intro and DPS Commissioner Miller’s Presentation

DPS Energy Planner Dave Lamont’s Presentation

Public Comment:

  1. Claire Stanley, Fair Haven Select Board
  2. Justin Lindholm, Mendon
  3. Pete Antos-Ketchum, Green Mountain Club
  4. Candice Shaffer, Calais and Waitsfield
  5. John Matthews, Albany
  6. Andy Childs, Lowell
  7. Jerry Carruba, Northfield
  8. Johanna Miller, VNRC
  9. Peter Roth, Quechee
  10. Hawk Metheny, Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  11. Anne-Marie Keppel, Montpelier
  12. John Aberth, Roxbury
  13. Steve Wright, Craftsbury Conservation Commission
  14. Eric Nuse, Johnson, Orion — The Hunter’s Institute
  15. Jacob Gross, Burlington
  16. Patrick Flood, Woodbury
  17. Amelia Fritz, Craftsbury Energy Committee
  18. Eleanor Osbourne, Craftsbury
  19. Robbin Clark, Lowell
  20. Bill Maclay, Waitsfield
  21. Jesse Ruth Perkins, Bristol
  22. Tom Taylor, Essex Energy Committee
  23. Charles Johnson, East Montpelier
  24. Anne Stevens, Greensboro Select Board, Energy Committee
  25. Bob Atchinson, Plainfield
  26. Deborah Blair, Eden
  27. Nancy Notterman, East Hardwick
  28. Ted Ceraldi, Craftsbury
  29. Katherine Naylor, Marlboro
  30. Nona Estrin, East Montpelier
  31. Ira Powsner, Ira
  32. David Frank, Waitsfield
  33. Bill from Waitsfield
  34. Susan Houston, Craftsbury Select Board
  35. No Name
  36. Susan Hoyt, Waitsfield
  37. Ed Hutchinson, Plainfield
  38. Closing by Sen. Lyons