In February we pointed out that Green Mountain Power employees are writing letters to the editor to Vermont newspapers without disclosing they have a financial interest in the company.  Today’s Burlington Free Press features yet another.  The author, Mary Pat Cawley, is GMP’s Senior Staff Accountant and IT Support Specialist.

Last month, the wife of GMP’s Field Operations Lead penned a My Turn column published by the Burlington Free Press, again without disclosing her personal interest in the company.

The Times Argus has published letters from the partner of GMP’s Customer Relations and External Affairs staff person, and a couple of their friends have also written letters.

It’s become kind of a fun game tracking down the authors of letters purporting to be in favor of wind energy development in Vermont.  Very few turn out to be from disinterested Vermonters.  GMP’s Friends and Family Campaign contains a hint of desperation.  If there is so much support for wind energy development in Vermont, why do their employees and their employees’ friends feel the need to speak up?  Probably because hardly anyone else is.