Photos of equipment set up.  According to qualified sound experts, the equipment is:

Too close to the ground, tree, and tires.  Wind screen covered with a plastic bag.  Too close to parked cars that drive away and 3 photo photo 2

Commissioner Chris Recchia’s Cover Letter to the PSB

KM Chng’s Noise Report as filed by the PSD with the PSB

VCE’s Public Records Request to PSD

PSD’s Response to VCE’s Public Records Request, including withheld documents

VCE’s Public Comment to the PSB about the PSD’s Noise Report and Cover Letter

Public Records (emails) from PSD Responsive to VCE’s Public Records Request.  In order from newest to oldest.

Operational Data from First Wind

More Operational Data from First Wind

And More Operational Data from First Wind

VCE’s Appeal of Withheld Public Records

VCE’s 2nd Public Records Request