By Torrance Gaucher |

Updated 02/08 2016 06:38PM


Vermont’s attorney general closed his investigation on Annette Smith on Monday February 8th, 2016.

Though Smith said she is not out of the woods yet.

“Well its not over, I am relieved that, that part is over. But it has raised a lot of questions  for a lot of people…” said Smith.

Smith heads a group called Vermonters For A Clean Environment.  Last month, the attorney general a complaint, asking him to look into whether Smith  was providing legal advice to people who had cases in front of the Public Service Board.

“I am not a lawyer, I have never studied law. Sort of an accidental activist…” said Smith.

Smith has maintained she’s only helping people navigate through what can be a tricky process.

“You get a 150 kilowatt project in your back yard, no screening offer. How do you respond? You have to file five documents. Is it practicing the law to give you the templates to fill out your own information? This is the kind of thing. I am a secretary more than anything…” said Smith.

“We completed our investigation and we aren’t taking any enforcement actions because we do not think she has violated the law…” Said Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell.