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February 09,2016

I was reading the Rutland Herald the other day when I found the article about the attorney general’s office investigating Annette Smith. I immediately thought of the Salem witch trials and thought where is Danziger when you need him? A few days later, the Herald ran the exact cartoon, but it was about a different issue.

In the cartoon, Annette Smith would have been at the stake, and yes, the assistant attorney general would be holding the torch. The attorney general would be there, but he couldn’t be holding the torch as he would be trying to put out the fire at the seat of his own pants. The PSB (Puppet Service Board) would also be there — and yes, I said that right, didn’t I? And who would be pulling the strings on those characters — the governor or whoever pulls his strings?

Seriously though, I think Annette Smith should not be crucified, but instead celebrated, as she is a true crusader. Maybe there is another cartoon here: fighting for a clean environment. I think all of us who know her should nominate her for Green Mountain Power’s Zetterstrom Award. Who among us deserves it more?