VCE received a second response from Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources to our Investigation into the Stormwater System on Green Mountain Power’s Lowell Wind site.


“Summary: Data collected for monitoring KCW Project water quality impacts indicated streams draining the project area continue to meet the Vermont Water Quality Standards. The alternative STP design consisting of level spreaders and vegetated buffers, in addition to the conventional STPs, are being monitored, as required by Stormwater Discharge Permit #6216-INDS. The system, like all stormwater systems, requires routine inspection and maintenance. The Stormwater Program is committed to ensuring that the permittee addresses identified issues such as iron seeps, stormwater system operation, inspection, and maintenance. The Stormwater Program has met with representatives of GMP, and their consultant VHB, to discuss several items, including identified iron seeps and ongoing level spreader monitoring.”