Posted Friday, May 3, 2019 3:54 pm

Editor of the Reformer:

Recently, the New Hampshire Legislature wisely decided to pause the rollout of 5G until more is revealed about the potential health effects of this new technology. Switzerland, Belgium and California are taking similar steps to pause or stop the widespread deployment of this technology until we can be assured that it will not have serious negative effects on the health of all those exposed to it’s ubiquitous RF radiation.

There is good reason for concern. France has recognized EMF exposure as a potential source of disability and thousands of controlled studies show that RF radiation of the type that would be greatly accelerated and amplified by 5G deployment is linked to significant measurable biological effects that can lead to increased rates of cancer, heart disease and cognitive and mental status changes. Research has also shown links between EMF radiation and elevated blood sugars in diabetics and those with pre-diabetes as well. According to the testimony of Dr Sharon Goldberg, an MD from Michigan who has studied the issue extensively, EMF radiation is the method used to reliably induce diabetes in rats in order to perform studies on the efficacy of various treatments for diabetes. Given our current healthcare funding challenges and the increasing rates of diabetes, heart disease and dementia, this is not only a pragmatic and humanitarian concern but could create a financially devastating reality for the state if even a portion of these health implications are well founded.

The bill currently being considered by the VT legislature, Vermont H.513, relating to broadband deployment in Vermont, would allow fast track deployment of 5G without any further legislative or public oversight and with no opportunity for further input or delay for any reason.

Vermont needs broadband but this bill is a 5G Trojan Horse. Our needs can be very well served by widespread deployment of fiber-optic cables throughout the state without the addition of 5G. Unlike 5G, the fiber-optic cables carry no additional risks to health.

Please contact committee Faith Brown, Committee Assistant, 802-828-2253, or member Sen. Becca Balint, or your own senator to ask them to amend the language in Bill H.513 to:

Remove Bill H. 513 Sections 19a (1) and (2) because they allow 5G to be implemented under the cover of broadband expansion.

Place a stay on the attachment of 5G antennas to poles and towers until proven safe and reliable, including 4G antennas that can be upgraded to 5G via software.

You can also leave messages for any Senator by calling the Sargent-in-Arms at 802-828-2228. Although making calls takes a little more time and effort than sending emails, calls are much more effective.

We need to act now before it is too late. Your physical health, and the state’s financial health depend on it.


MJ Webber RN. M.Ed.

East Dummerston, April 29