Vermont has been experiencing a tremendous amount of solar development, from residential rooftop net-metered photovoltaic arrays to a 20 mW solar array that sells the power and Renewable Energy Credits to Connecticut.  Vermont has three different ways for utilities and merchant businesses to develop solar.  Net-metering is the highest cost,   the Standard-Offer program is driving down costs, and utility solar appears to be the lowest cost.

Thousands of Certificates of Public Good have been issued by the Public Utility Commission for solar arrays, mostly without controversy.  VCE gets involved in projects when neighbors or towns are faced with projects that are perceived to be poor sites, that lack adequate advance notice to work out issues, or when developers take an aggressive approach to force projects into areas that people oppose.

Vermonters want solar energy, however some projects that are poorly sited have generated opposition to renewable energy in general because of how developers have treated Vermont communities. VCE advocates a collaborative process where towns, neighbors, developers, utilities, planners and state agencies come together before an application is filed.

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