Every issue Vermonters for a Clean Environment has worked on since our founding in 1999 has involved water — groundwater and surface water withdrawals for natural gas turbine cooling, pipelines run through streams, wetlands and springs, quarry dewatering, large farm impacts to water quality, groundwater withdrawals for water bottling, municipal drinking water disinfection chemicals, stormwater runoff from mountaintop wind turbines, solar arrays on Class 2 wetlands, etc.

Water is life. Protecting water quality and quantity is critically important to VCE’s members. In our experience, state agencies play a primary role in enabling water quality degradation by issuing permits to pollute. Individual citizens are making a difference when potential threats to water are identified in people’s neighborhoods. With VCE’s assistance, we have partnered with other organizations and citizens to improve Vermont’s groundwater protection law, and have raised awareness about the failures of stormwater systems on high elevation developments for wind turbines.

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